Jul drives up the bidding for Haiti

A few months ago we told you about Jul, an artist who once parodied the Little Prince in French magazine Fluide Glacial. Jul, who sketches live on TV book and literary programme La Grande Librairie, rattled off a series of drawings in the course of the special television programme screened to raise funds for Haiti.



He amused himself by sketching a panoply of famous figures, real and fictional, keen to show their solidarity with the people of Haiti.  These included Simone de Beauvoir, Don Quixote, Marcel Proust, Professor Cuthbert Calculus and… the Little Prince, who asked for a drawing, not of a sheep, but of a reconstruction plan for Haiti.



All these impromptu drawings were auctioned off during the show with the proceeds going to the Fondation de France, which has launched an appeal for donations in aid of the earthquake victims.



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