The Little Prince as seen by François Fynaut

François Fynaut, a friend of the Little Prince, is an artist who lives in New Caledonia. In tribute to Saint-Exupéry’s story, he has produced a comic strip version that is essentially true to the original text but takes a few liberties with the details. The aviator, for example, is transmuted into Tony, a leather-jacketed ex-rocker whose motorbike has broken down in a grim urban wasteland.


Tony the biker is about to make the acquaintance of a little prince, who is on a quest to find humans. Under the influence of the little prince, the grey wasteland gradually gives way to the sands of the desert…



A free-spirited vision of the work that offers its own poetry, well worth exploring. Find out more about François Fynaut’s project on his blog and on Facebook.