The Saint-Exupéry Estate on Internet

The Saint-Exupéry Estate (the Succession Antoine de Saint-Exupéry-d’Agay, to give it its full title in French) now has its own very own space on the Internet, created a few months ago. Presented in the form of a blog, it offers you a chance to get to know the representatives of the Estate, and find out all the latest news about Saint-Exupéry, l’Aéropostale and, of course, the Little Prince. A good starting-point for exploring another aspect of the world of Saint-Exupéry.

There are a number of links to related sites; one of them will take you to the website of the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation where you can download the brochure explaining this ambitious initiative.

Bookmark the blog for future reference, and feel free to add your comments.