Voluntary organisation

Association Petits Princes
The Little Princes Association, in French.

Website of the Association Petits Princes

Dessine-moi un mouton
Draw me a sheep, in French.

Website of Dessine-moi un mouton

Le Petit Monde
The Little World, in French.

Website of Le Petit Monde

Les Ailes du Petit Prince
The Wings of the Little Prince, in French.

Website of Les ailes du Petit Prince

A chacun_sa_planète

To each his own planet, in French and English.

Website of A chacun sa planète

Association Le Petit Prince
The Little Prince Association, in French.

Website of the Association Le Petit Prince

Voluntary organisations in the world

Hospital Pequeño Príncipe

Website of the Brazilian Little Prince hospital,
in Portuguese.

Website of the Hospital Pequeño Príncipe

The Little Prince’s Stars

Russian website,
in Russian.

Website of The Little Prince's Stars

Lubelskie Hospicjum Małego Księcia

Website of The Little Prince Hospice
for Children in Lublin, in Polish and English.
Website of the Hospital Małego Księcia - Poland

SIPAR Cambodia

French website,
in French.
Website of SIPAR Cambodia
Website of the association for the Humans and Children Rights
In French
Associacio « El Petit Príncep » de Catalunya
Website of The Little Prince association
of Catalonia, in Catalan.