Making of the Art Toy

Bill Otomo created the Designer Toy of the Petit Prince de St-Exupéry, with Muttpop, and it was sculpted by Monster 5  (Tequila, El Panda, Red Demon, Mini Gobi, King Katch…).

See the step by step here !

First, a few sketches :

We add the details, create a turn-around, and send it to the sculptor.

First impression of the rough sculpture:  Monster 5 really felt it on the firts try. It’s really great to work with him…

A little changes though, but it’s already details.

He corrects it, polishs it, and it’s almost done !

Still little changes and we should be good to go…

Here is the final figure !

We made ​​a double wax molds and raw version of vinyl without exterior paint …

A firt try with painting…

And here is the final toy !


Find Bill Otomo’s blog here , and the art toy here !