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The Little Prince by Korea National Contemporary Dance Company

‹The Little Prince› is a journey embarked upon by the ‘adult’who regards the reality desolate like the desert to be all life is,and the ‘child’ who imagines an oasis somewhere in thatdesert, sharing empathy and searching for the ‘true meaningof life’. This performance lets us look at the world that we livein now through the eyes of ‘The Little Prince’ from outside theearth, and does not just give a contemptuous look at theprofit-obsessive urban people. Rather, it suggests areconstruction of ‘unfamiliarity’ to ‘familiarity’, appropriatingfear and gloom to anticipation and fascination, through theevent of ‘encountering’. With the video that metaphorizes thelife in reality, the dance that provides a different temporalperspective to reality, and the projection of images drawn bythe audience on tablets all intersected, the multi-dimensionalstage stimulates imagination and approaches thephilosophical theme that the countless encountersexperienced in life could actually be the starting point of accepting differences.

2016.12. 9(Fri)-12.11(Sun) Weekday 8pm, Weekend 3pm
Seoul Arts Center CJ Towol Theater / R 50,000 S 30,000 A10,000
Choreography: Aesoon Ahn, Plot · Script: Jeewoon Kim,Music: Jaeil Jeong

The Little Prince Movie- Behind the scenes

Now streaming on Netflix, a behind the scenes  glimpse at “The Little Prince” released on Tuesday shows how the film uniquely fused together four different types of animation: hand drawn 2D animation, CG animation, paper cutout animation and stop-motion animation.

The film flawlessly weaves together CG animation to show the world of the main character, The Little Girl, while stop-motion animation was used to bring the pages of the beloved book to life.

“Some of my favorite shots in the film took up to nine days to animate,” Osborne said in the video. “Computer animation really helped us to create a groundbreaking, believable world. I felt that stop motion was the best way to tap into that childlike universe.”

“The Little Prince,” tells the story of a little girl and her overly organized, type-A mother who move in next door to an old aviator who lives in a ramshackle house. The aviator, voiced by Bridges, tells (and draws) the story of his encounter with the little prince, and that encounter with the story in Saint-Exupery’s book changes the life of the little girl.

Fan Art Friday #154


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Marijana Godan


Sara Abou Rjeily


Shérone Frézier


Ελισάβετ ΠρίφτηVoir le profil


Fan Art Friday #153

On Fridays, fans of The Little Prince express their talent with Fan Art Friday!

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Augustin Bzn


Heba Heshamluanny-limavoir-le-profil

Heba Hesham


Maude Môdy Le Francois


Shannon Quintanilla Zamalloa


Tamo Baghiauri


Ελισάβετ Πρίφτη


The Little Prince Balance Bike


Balance Bike The Little Prince Kokua - Special edition

The Little Prince balance bike by Kokua is the latest model in to the Kokua range . It has already attracted many parents and young cyclists. Its lacquered birch wood structure was designed and manufactured in Germany and ensures high reliability. It will follow the growth of your child thanks to the adjustable seat height (32 to 41 cm from the ground).
This special edition of The Little Prince is distinguished by its blue leathered saddle and its wooden decorated wheels.
This balance bike is suitable for children from 2 years to 5 years, measuring at least 87 cm, with a minimum inseam of 33 cm.


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New snow-ball glasses

Shake this Little Prince on B612 snowball and let yourself be amazed by the magic of Saint-Exupéry’s character. Watch the small snowflakes surround your favourite character. An ideal decorative object for the baby’s bedroom or for your study.

Also available on key-chains



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Little Prince Plushies !

The Little Prince’s friends to tame !

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The Little Prince’s Fox from the TV series

Offer your little prince or your little princess the softest companion. With its soft colors, big blue eyes and very soft fur, this plush fox will become the best friend of your child.


The Fox from the book

« If you want a friend, tame me, » said the fox to the Little Prince. You too tame your fox with this gorgeous 50cm long plush toy (including tail) inspired by Saint-Exupéry’s watercolors.


The sheep

No need to draw it to enjoy its sweetness. This sheep plush is the perfect companion for all Little Prince fans.

Fan Art Friday #152

On Fridays, fans of The Little Prince express their talent with Fan Art Friday!

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Ani Funcouch


Antonella Colmán


Aurora Cuevas


Carol Jissel Perdomo


Diana Mercedes Hurtado


Gio BedoLla


Jr Gerardo Rosales


Rafa Favila


Viki Bobadilla


Şule Yeşilli Yalçin

The Little Prince’s wonderful trip

Little Prince warms you up !

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