Toute l'actualité du petit prince

Live experience from the Little Prince Park!

It’s not easy to have a whole day at the Little Prince Park in a ten-minutes video. But we tried.

Enjoy !

All the activities in the Little Prince Park !

The Little Prince Park  is open ! If you haven’t been there yet, read this article to know more about the attractions.

Beware : this article reveals all the park’s attractions ! If you prefer not knowing, and discover them on your own, don’t read it ! ;)


planattractionsthe park’s plan

1) Magic tunnel !

DSCN0047 DSCN0046


2) The Little Prince 3D movie

3d nwave


3) B612



4) Flying chairs (children roundabout)



5) Courrier sud : A quiz you answer with your feet !

courrier sud


6) The snake’s playground



7) Tame-me : an interactive dialog between the animated fox and a children in the audience



8) The « aerobar » : a drink in the sky !

aérobar DSCN0062


9)  Saint-Exupéry Exhibition


10) Astronomical quiz : Answer to make your team win !


11) Draw me a sheep (chalk provided ;) )

DSC_9729 DSCN0098


12) The lamplighter balloon



13) The sheeps in the meadow : watch them do their tricks with Hobo the sheperd


14) The foxes : meet their keeper and look into their burrow

DSCN0077 les trois frères, Bilu, Max et Django...


15) The big swing


16) Tyrolean rope



17) The big theater


18) The plane


avion 2 avion


19) The Fort playground



20) The Rose Garden



21) The bamboo labyrinth



22) The King’s balloon

ballonduroi ballon réverbère2 (2)

23) Aérousel



24) Night Flight : a flight simulation

vol de nuit

25) Underwater : take pictures of fishes while your sitting on a moving scooter

planète sous marine

26) Desert dew : a fun playground with refreshing surprises !

rosée desert


27) The Little Prince fairground


28) the sheep playground


29) Metamorphosis : watch the caterpillars become butterflies

DSCN0105 DSCN0111

30) The butterflies greenhouses



31) The butterflies garden




Now that you know more about the attractions, come visit us to see all the other surprises !

The park website

Enjoy your visit !

Many thanks to Photos-Mulhouse and Michel Caumes for the pictures




A new Little Prince costume by Nelix

A new Little Prince costume was released today in Argentina’s shops.

Our licensee, Nelix, inspired from the Little Prince TV series to offer a costume designed for children.




French national holiday

Today, in France, is a national holiday. At night, all the country will enjoy beautiful fireworks. Maybe you can look up to the stars and think about the Little Prince…

LPPfeu-d-artifice ld


Fan Art Friday #42

On Fridays, fans of The Little Prince express their talent with Fan Art Friday!

Send us your creations via our facebook page, we’ll publish them here!

Alexandra Serousoff

Alexandra Serousoff

Baa'ltah Gonzlez

Baa’ltah Gonzlez

Emilia Tornu - argentina

Emilia Tornu

Hannah Sena

Hannah Sena

Luis Macias2

Luis Macias

Michelle Reyes  Nân Ahh NaNa

Michelle Reyes                                Nân Ahh NaNa



The Little Prince Park parking lot, already full !


The Little Prince Park have only been open for one week, and it’s already breaking attendance records !

This picture of a full parking lot was taken July 8.


Little Prince theme event brings French romance to Chongqing


Drama actors pose for photos during the opening ceremony for the Little Prince theme exhibition at the luxury temple of Chongqing on July 6, 2014.

As the first Little Prince dedicated location in China, the exhibition will celebrate 50 years of relationship between France and the Popular Republic of China, and will export some French style romance.

The visitors will attend readings in Franch and Mandarin chinese by the ChongQing French Alliance, conferences baking classes and live shows of the masterwork !

The event will open to the public for free in the first two months after its opening, and another city is already interested to be next !

[Photo: China News Service/ Zhou Yi]

The Little Prince Park : press review !

The opening of the Little Prince park, on July 1st have been abundantly commented in the French Press.

But we got a few articles in English too.

Find them here (click on the link to read the articles)


The Local

South China Morning post

The star


At the Park : Meet the Little Prince from the animated series !

Did you know that several attractions from the Little Prince Park are dedicated to the Little Prince from the animated series?

- From planet to planet : The series characters welcome the visitors. The videos are screened in big spheres, for an impressive entrance in the attraction.

- Tame-me : an interactive theater, where the children tame the fox !

- Metamorphosis : The Rose from the series welcomes the visitors. Then, they enter an immersive tunnel.

- The big theater : the screening of 2 episodes from the TV series (the Giant’s planet and the planet of the wind)

More information on the attractions in the Little Prince park will come very soon. Meanwhile, admire these new pictures !

photo-l-alsace-thierry-gachon 1



Photos  :l’alsace/thierry gachon


Fan Art Friday #41

On Fridays, fans of The Little Prince express their talent with Fan Art Friday!

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Aleksandra Radojičić - mali princ

Aleksandra Radojičić

Angela LouCitron Cirinesi

Angela LouCitron Cirinesi

Cindy Monge

Cindy Monge

Dim Art

Dim Art

Jocelyn Paz

Jocelyn Paz

Julie Baclet

Julie Baclet

Lin Young

Lin Young

Magdalena Cichosz - maly ksiaze

Magdalena Cichosz

Mahsa Sadat Kiaei

Mahsa Sadat Kiaei

Manualidades Annita

Manualidades Annita

Merry Soto Soto

Merry Soto Soto

Mirdin Lionel.

Mirdin Lionel.

Nujin Kurhan

Nujin Kurhan

Oswaldo Velazquez Piña Soria

Oswaldo Velazquez Piña Soria

Sixtus Leonard

Sixtus Leonard