Toute l'actualité du petit prince

Have you visited the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry website ?

If you haven’t done so already, we suggest you check out the new website dedicated to the author of the Little Prince. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was a man of many facets, and his new official website will give you a full insight into the man he was: writer, pilot, traveller, artist, scriptwriter and also loyal friend.

The official Antoine de Saint-Exupéry website is a must for all students and teachers searching for biographical information or analysis of his works. Among its many features, it offers a richly illustrated timeline, a focus on the author’s works and a gallery of high-quality photographs, many never previously published.

This video clip will give you an idea of all that awaits you on !

The Little Prince comic album covers !

Here is a sneak preview of the covers for the new adventures of the Little Prince in comic album form, published by Glénat and coming soon to a bookshop near you.

Behind the project are Didier Poli, who trained at “Disney school”, Jean-Baptiste Hostache and Guillaume and Didier Convard as editorial advisers. Young friends of the Little Prince can look forward to no fewer than 24 new adventures.

As a bonus, at the end of each album, leading comic artists will give their own interpretation of the Little Prince (Moebius in volume 1 and Juillard in volume 2).

The Little Prince coming to a screen near you !

At work, the wallpaper on our computer screen is often the only personal touch we can bring to the office. If having the Little Prince around would brighten your day, here is a wallpaper showing the Little Prince on asteroid B612, accompanied by his rose, a sheep and a lamp-post (no doubt collected on his travels). Download it – you know you want to! Those stars will look terrific on the screen of your computer, smartphone or iPad!


The wallpaper was designed by web designer Charles van Valkenburg. To learn more about him, go to his official website.

A must-have !

Alas, this Little Prince product is only to be found in Hong Kong… it’s this season’s must-have fashion item, the tote bag. Lightweight and practical, the style has long been popular around town or on the beach. Manufacturer Kidulteam came up with the idea of putting the Little Prince on one of its totes. The Little Prince appears as he does on the cover of the original edition of the book, against a white background, and reminds us yet again of why we are so attached to him.

Collectors and fashionistas alike will have to look to the import market if you want to get your hands on one of these great bags this summer.

To find out more, visit the Kidulteam website.

Leblon-Delienne outdoes itself !

After the Little Prince in his tunic, then the fox, the latest luxury offering from master figurine makers Leblon-Delienne for Little Prince collectors and friends is a figurine of the Little Prince in full dress. Like his predecessors, this Little Prince is also made of resin and hand-painted.  This is no toy, but an authentic collection piece to be displayed alongside your collection of editions of The Little Prince!

To find out more, visit the online store !

A new official Antoine de Saint-Exupéry website !

His life and work continue to inspire research and exchanges of ideas, so it is only fitting that a new website dedicated to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry comes online today. The site has something for everyone and offers intuitive browsing via themed sections. It serves as a real research tool on themes such as French literature and the history of aviation. Teachers and students will find it a mine of information, with book summaries, a media library featuring documents direct from the Saint-Exupéry-d’Agay Estate archives (photos, patents, objects, etc.) and more.

Those with the travel bug can even follow in the steps of Saint-Exupéry thanks to a planisphere map showing all the places he stayed during his life, and the places that pay tribute to him.

Here is the link : www.antoinedesaintexupé !

The Little Prince as seen by Chris Malgrain

Chris Malgrain is a comics artist who has made his way in the world of fanzines. He is well known for his work on the well-known short-format comics for the equally well-known publishing house of Semic. His work has also appeared in Pif Gadget, which published a preview of Les Apatrides. And he drew Alexa, a series published by the legendary Stan Lee! Comics fan Chris has drawn for us a Little Prince in sci-fi mode (rather like the character of Valerian) who, true to his nature, looks wonderingly upon the world around him: a vast expanse, an immense sky in which a huge star shines.

Chris Malgrain is the latest addition to our pantheon of comics authors who are friends of the Little Prince.

Paper Toys competition!

Paper Toys are all over the web and inspired us with the idea of setting our own Internet visitors a simple challenge: create your own Little Prince Paper Toy. You have two choices: either you can download a pattern (PDF or PSD) from which you design your own Little Prince, or you create your very own Paper Toy from start to finish. You have until 25th June to submit your creation, by e-mail, to our competition partner Paper Toys Art.

Prizes on offer: the famous and rare Little Prince figurine by How2Work, and a Jean-Louis Scherrer pen set (offered by Réunica).

To find out more, visit the Paper Toys Art website.

Draw me a wallpaper !

The vast majority of us now own a computer, and so we have something called wallpaper on our screen. While some leave their wallpaper on the default setting, for many of us it’s an excuse to create a more cheerful or more personal look with photographs, montages or drawings.

Since there is no official Little Prince wallpaper, le is launching a competition for the best wallpapers featuring our favourite hero and his world.

Budding amateur artists and professionals alike, now is your chance!  Create your unique idea and send it in to:

Use any technique you like: photo, drawing, decoupage, digital, whatever.

For 4/3 screens, use a resolution of 1600×1200.

For 16/9 screens, use a resolution of 1920×1080.

The winners will, of course, have their entries published on the Little Prince website and will be the subject of an article – the perfect way to create a buzz about your work or showcase your talent.

When a graphic artist “organises” a famous meeting

Geoffo is a graphic artist who is well known in the world of French comics for his bold style. As a firm fan of popular culture, Geoffo was responsible for bringing together the famed Doctor Who and the Little Prince on asteroid B 612. Two illustrious travellers meeting up and swapping stories of their adventures and discoveries – what might they have to say to one another? We leave it to you to imagine.

Geoffo is the creator of Vic Boone, a private eye operating in a 1950s sci-fi world: these two pages will give you a taste.