Toute l'actualité du petit prince

Get with the programme !

As we told you, September is THE month to watch for the Little Prince graphic novels!

All through September, there are special events being held in all major branches of FNAC and other leading bookstores in Paris and around France, where you can meet the authors of the graphic novels and have your albums personally signed.

Diaries at the ready! We want to see you out in strength!

Here is the programme:

  • 7 September 2011: publication of the first two graphic novels (Planet of the Wind and Planet of the Firebird)

FNAC des Ternes (Paris)

  • 4 Wednesday workshops

◦        Wednesday 7 September 2011: 1 reading workshop (with Gabriel Bismuth-Bienaimé and Franck Capillery)

◦         Learn to draw the Little Prince graphic novel character

◦         Learn to draw the characters and settings

◦         Learn to draw a page of the Little Prince graphic novel

◦        Author signing sessions on Saturday 17 September

Regional FNAC stores

Exhibition “How the Little Prince graphic novel was drawn”

◦      24/09: Strasbourg

◦      01/10: Toulouse

◦       15/10: Lille

◦       02/11: Nantes

◦       09/11: Lyon

◦       16/11: Marseille

◦      19/11: Bordeaux

◦       26/11 and 27/11: Colmar Book Fair

Regional bookstores

24/09 : Librairie Decitre (Strasbourg) + signing session.

New Little Prince mugs available from the online store !

The online store is proud to present its new range of Little Prince mugs.

Available from 31 August 2011, these classic white china coffee mugs are decorated with the title of the book in its original typography. Available with green or red lettering. Ideal for hot drinks at breakfast or teatime.

Coming soon to the store: Little Prince bunting bags and notebooks.

To find out more, visit the online store.


Guy Laliberté and the Little Prince by Ygreck!

Ygreck is a famous caricaturist and painter in Quebec, and also the author of a popular blog on which he regularly posts incisive caricatures inspired by topical events in Quebec.

The spaceflight by Guy Laliberté, the well known Quebec businessman and founder of Cirque du Soleil, was an ideal subject for the artist to tackle in a cartoon rendition of the adventure.

The drawing shows Guy Laliberté in astronaut gear alongside the Little Prince, on the Little Prince’s very own planet. The reference is deliberate: the one and only book Guy Laliberté took with him into space was Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s masterpiece, The Little Prince!

The two figures are both wearing comic red noses, a nod to the Cirque du Soleil, and the Little Prince is, of course, asking the astronaut to draw him a sheep. What Guy Laliberté draws is the portrait of Jean Charest, Prime Minister of Quebec, whose curly hair bears some resemblance to a fleece.

To find out more about Ygreck, visit his blog. And you can also find out about the foundation set up by Guy Laliberté, One Drop.

Making-of the Little Prince 4D at the Futuroscope !

Since the beginning of July, you have been aware that the Little Prince has landed on the Futuroscope planet! Located halfway between The Wings of Courage and The Solido (The Sea Monsters), this new Futuroscope attraction has already proved to be a tremendous success! As you queue to go in, a “themed” approach takes you past huge mirrors on either side, while strange lights light up the colours of various objects hanging from the ceiling. Next, visitors enter an amphitheatre seating 270, where the show takes place, an exceptional experience that lasts for 4 minutes 20 seconds, a sensorial journey among the planets.

A great deal of very hard work went into the designing, preparing and creation of this incredible experience, images of which we have already shown you. It is always very amusing and interesting to go behind the scenes of a project on this scale…

In the name of the rose…

For over 50 years the Pépinières et Roseraies Georges Delbard nursery gardeners have been creating exceptional roses. Very possibly you have a Claude Monet or Comtesse de Ségur rose bush growing in your garden …

It was back in 2008 that they first thought of creating the Little Prince rose in partnership with the Petits Princes Association! It was altogether fitting that the celebrated little fair-haired Prince who was so attached to his flower should have a rose named after him. With its beautiful mauve petals with hints of violet, the Little Prince Rose reminds us of both the sweetness and the power of children’s dreams. This admirable partnership hoped by means of this initiative to send a message of hope to all sick children. For each rose bush sold, 2 euros are paid to the association, in order to perpetuate their action.

This very beautiful rose has also won several awards in the context of the Grand Prix de la Rose. This year it won the 1st prize, thanks above all to its original scent!

For further information about this rose, please go to the Pépinières Delbard’s official site.

The Little Prince and Batman!

We have already seen the Little Prince with the legendary Doctor Who, now another rising young artist working in the field of comics has done him the honour of setting him alongside another popular icon. This time the Little Prince appears together with Batman!

The person behind this bold project is Guile Sharp, a young French artist who has signed a number of illustrations for Marvel in the field of trading cards.

More tributes in the Comics spirit in our Little Prince Comics!

In Paris and Strasbourg, the Little Prince is well and truly established…

The year 2011 saw an exceptional coming together of the Little Prince and the Moleskine company, famous for its notebooks. After having brought out a collection for Perrier, followed by a collection celebrating the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, Moleskine decided to create a collection dedicated to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince!

These wonderful items can now be admired – and bought – in prestigious bookshops such as the Librairie Kléber in Strasbourg or the bookshop at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. We have been informed that the Charlemagne bookshop in Paris and the Agora bookshop in Nantes will both be dedicating window displays to the Little Prince notebooks during September!

They should be worth seeing!

Those of you who can’t wait till then can order a notebook right now from the Little Prince Boutique.

Meanwhile, you can watch the video of the notebooks and see images of window displays…

Rendezvous based on the theme of the Little Prince comic books!

All of you who are comic book fans and friends of the Little Prince, reach for your diaries! The month of September will be placed under the sign of the Little Prince.

The first rendezvous will take place in the following bookshops:

The Fnac in Les Ternes. From 7 September 2011 on, the Fnac will be celebrating the Little Prince. Various activities for children are being planned (workshops, etc.) and fans will be able to meet the authors of the various comic books and have their copy signed.

Several signing sessions are due to take place in Bordeaux (Librairie Mollat) on 10 September and in Lyon (Décitre) on 24 September.

More details concerning signings and activities organized for children will be provided in the very near future…

Another chance to watch webisode number 8 !

This week we take a look at the Little Prince’s Rose, or rather the person who speaks the Rose’s dialogue in the animated series broadcast on France 3: Marie Gillain. A famous actress known for her roles in successes such as l’Appât, Le Bossu, Ni pour ni contre (bien au contraire) and Coco avant Chanel, Marie Gillain has already taken part in the animated version of Kung-Fu Panda in which her voice was used for Mistress Tiger. On the occasion of a dubbing session, Marie Gillain agreed to talk to us about the character she plays, her history with the Little Prince, and what dubbing involves.

You can listen to this exclusive interview…

From planet to planet: accompanied by Yannick Noah’s song !

Some tunes are eminently hummable and stay in the mind … The song that accompanies the credits for the Little Prince series is definitely one of them! Sung by France’s favourite singer, it has a catchy tune and words full of tenderness and optimism. It perfectly matches the spirit of the series and is always a pleasure to listen to…

We invite you to hear it for the first time, or alternatively enjoy it again…