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The Little Prince phenomenon in pictures

When talking about the Little Prince with a friend, we sometimes confine ourselves to the book or perhaps a show we have seen. Ever since the story was first published, however, the Little Prince has been speaking to the hearts of readers the world over.That’s why the Little Prince’s message has been passed on around in the world, in many languages and forms: comics, giant exhibitions, theme parks, shows, sculpture and tributes by illustrators.

The recent success of the TV series confirms the fact that the Little Prince and his message speak just as strongly to the hearts of today’s children. For a better understanding of something that never ceases to amaze us, we have made a video that brings together everything that makes this little book, published in 1943, a global phenomenon.

The Muttpop version of the Little Prince!

Does the name Muttpop sound familiar? Muttpop designs and produces collectable figurines, more commonly known as designer toys. In the past, Muttpop first made its name with colourful figures from the worlds of Lucha Libre and Tchô (Titeuf, Captain Biceps et al.). Initially, Muttpop seemed to be focusing on the world of cartoons and comics, but now the producer has decided to give shape to its vision of a literary icon: the Little Prince.
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Spring is here, bringing with it the sun. Maybe you’ll be heading off for air meets, or perhaps you’re a pilot yourself. In which case, the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry baseball cap is just what you need! The ideal headgear to protect you from the sun and heat, the cap features a portrait of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, plus his signature embroidered along the side.

All profits go direct to the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation. Find out more about the Foundation on its official website and pre-order your cap now from the Little Prince online store.

Another tribute to Moebius…

Olivier Delcroix pays tribute to Moebius in his blog. Recalling his links to the artist, Olivier also harks back to a drawing of the Little Prince by Jean Giraud:

« When I was working for Le Figaro Littéraire, I asked him to design a front page to mark the Little Prince’s 60th anniversary. As always, Moebius came up with something absolutely magnificent.
Moebius had this to say about Saint-Exupéry’s drawings: “Saint-Exupéry was a natural, with no training. And yet he always had this psychological accuracy. His drawing does not belong to any dogmatic artistic repertoire. He hasn’t locked himself into any painstakingly acquired academic corset. His work is an unfiltered outpouring, all lightness and simplicity. That’s why he is and remains  timeless.”  The same could be said of Moebius’ own drawings today.


Moebius amongst the stars

Jean Giraud (alias Moebius) created dozens of wonderful worlds of the imagination. He was also one of the creators of Blueberry, the main character in a series that goes from success to success. In the 1970s, with a group of friends, he founded comics anthology magazine Métal Hurlant and the publishing house Les Humanoïdes Associés: comics would never be the same again.

Notwithstanding his fame, he enjoyed meeting his fans and was always happy to autograph a book or engage in a chat. Moebius recently offered us his vision of the Little Prince, in a special supplement at the end of the Planet of the Winds album. In it, he told a brief version of the story of the Little Prince and the fox, in his own inimitable way.