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South Korea: students revisit the Little Prince

The Little Prince is a universal story that knows no frontiers. It is a book sometimes read as an aid to learning a foreign language. Students in the French Department at the University of Chungbuk (South Korea) have paid tribute to the Little Prince by making a series of short films, some animated, others featuring real actors.

An in-depth article on the Chungbuk students is in the pipeline, but meanwhile we invite you take a look at their work.

Chapter II

Chapter IV

Chapter VI

Chapter X

Chapter XII

Webisode 12: the Little Prince comic album

If you are the proud owner of one of the two Little Prince albums, you may be wondering who is actually behind the delicate task of adaptation.

In this 12th webisode, we invite you to meet the team responsible for drawing the latest of the Little Prince’s adventures.

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Seen in the Metropolitain…

The Little Prince really does get everywhere! Parisians taking the Metro have recently started seeing giant posters appearing in the corridors for the free Little Prince son et lumière show to be held in the main square (parvis) of La Défense on 24 September. Like all the major events of our time, the Little Prince show has top billing!

Make a note of this very special date in your diaries – an event not to be missed !



Saint-Exupéry’s café threatened with closure!

In his book Night Flight, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote about Richmond, a writers’ café in Buenos Aires, Argentina.A relaxing place where, comfortably installed in one of the Chesterfied armchairs on the ground floor, the writer and pilot liked to sit and chat to his friend and fellow-pilot Jean Mermoz.

In fact, this was his local café, since he lived not far away in “a charming small furnished flat”, which he mentions in one of his letters to his mother.

He was by no means the café’s only famous patron, however; other habitués included Jorge Louis Borges, Julio Cortazar and Graham Green.

Imagine, then, the consternation in Buenos Aires
on 14 August when the café, which first opened its doors in 1917, closed down to make way for a sports footwear store.  Outraged citizens of Argentina’s capital were quick to demonstrate against a decision that robbed them of one of their city’s legendary venues.

The justice system came to the rescue. On 26 August, after the furniture and period wood panelling had already been removed from the listed building, judge Fernando Lima ordered their restoration. Police officers were even posted outside the café under orders to “protect the architectural and furnishing heritage”.

The Little Prince as seen by Tebo

Following on from Moebius, the next author to focus on the Little Prince is that master of the comic book and comedy, Tebo, author of Captain Biceps, a comic book that has already had thousands of children in stitches.

In this latest adventure, the bonus to the Planet of the Firebird album, the Little Prince and the fox discover the Planet of Junkfood. Our lips are sealed… you’ll have to be patient a little longer, but at least here is an exclusive preview of the Little Prince and the fox as seen by Tebo.

Comic albums with a bonus

Just a few days now to the release of the Little Prince’s first two adventures in comic album form. Are you ready to (re)discover the Planet of the Wind and the Planet of the Firebird ? Don’t forget that at the end of each album there is a bonus: famous names from the world of comic albums pay tribute to the Little Prince with a bonus story in which the Little Prince and the fox discover a new planet.

At the end of the Planet of the Wind, it is no less a name than Moebius who kicks off this pantheon of graphic tributes. Moebius likes to set many of his stories in space, and here he whisks us off to the Planet of Angles. And that’s all we’re saying! To help the time pass a little quicker, though, here is how Moebius has drawn the Little Prince.

A friend has left us…

Claude Werth died on 10 August 2011 at the age of 86. He was the son of Léon Werth, Saint-Exupéry’s dear friend, to whom the author dedicated the story of the Little Prince. In June 2010, we paid a visit to Claude Werth, to hear from him about his links to the author. From magic tricks to his first flight in an airplane, Claude Werth shared with us what were clearly some of his fondest childhood memories.

Here is a chance to rediscover what was undoubtedly one of our most fascinating encounters ever.

People are talking : l’Express magazine devotes 3 pages to the Little Prince !

This week, l’Express magazine’s Styles supplement has a feature on the Little Prince!

It’s a busy back-to-school period for the Little Prince this year, and thus a good opportunity for journalist Marie Desplechin, who has written for both children and adults, to take a fresh look at the phenomenon of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s little blond chap.

Marie Desplechin, who is more than familiar with the codes of storytelling and the language of children, explains the beauty and the brilliance of the message conveyed by this masterpiece – the second best-selling and most-read book in the world – to adults and, above all, to children.

Who better than the author of such popular children’s books as Rude samedi pour Angèle and Le Sac à dos d’Alphonse to highlight for us how, in Saint-Exupéry’s tale, the language works equally well on two levels (both for children and for adults) or the close resemblance between the 43 year old author and his young character. If you’ve ever wondered about the meaning of The Little Prince or why the story is so successful, be sure to read this article; it sheds a great deal of light on your favourite story.

The tale penned by the writer and aviator is forever finding new forms of expression. This autumn will bring a crop of 24 comic albums based on the France 2 TV animated series, which will also be launching a new series of adventures in September. The Little Prince also has a date in La Défense at the end of September, for a spectacular son et lumière show.  Everywhere you look these days, you seem to see the Little Prince! How pleased Saint-Exupéry would be, at having finally managed to remind adults that they were all children once…

The Little Prince needs your help !

As part of a planned Le Petit Prince magazine, the Milan Group, which specialises in publishing children’s magazines, would like to hear what children have to say about the world of the Little Prince and his new adventures. Have you seen the Planet of the Firebird and, if so, what did you think?

In this episode of the Planet of the Firebird, we meet a sister and brother who have fallen out with each other. The Milan Group would like to hear what children have to say on the subject of :

- jealousy between brothers and sisters

- forgiveness

Please send a photo with your contribution.


And thank you for taking part !

The Little Prince has a princess for a fan !

Anamaria Vartolomei is only 12 years old yet already she has acted alongside Isabelle Huppert in the film My Little Princess. In an interview for Elle magazine this week, she reveals her cultural preferences.

Her literary favourites include Susie Morgenstern, Molière and… The Little Prince!