Toute l'actualité du petit prince

Exclusive Footage from the Little Prince Cartoon.

Exclusive from the Little Prince official site, here comes a never-seen footage from The Little Prince TV Serie. Discover today 2 minutes from the cartoon where the Little Prince discover the mysterious Firebird :

Talking about Saint-Exupéry with Gérard Feldzer

Gérard Feldzer, former Director of the Paris Air and Space Museum (Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace), is a well-known figure. He  currently chairs the Ile de France Regional Tourism Committee and also presents a programme on rolling news radio station France-Information: Circulez ! Il y a le monde à voir is on air every Saturday.
Above all, Gérard Feldzer is a pilot and a friend of Saint-Exupéry. In June 2009, we interviewed  him on the subject of flying, the perils of being a pilot in the days of l’Aéropostale, and Saint-Exupéry as an aviator. A fascinating encounter for you to discover or revisit.

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The Little Prince: a classic children’s book

We were delighted to see Le Petit Prince listed as a classic children’s book in Les 1001 livres d’enfants qu’il faut avoir lu pour grandir (1001 children’s books to read growing up). Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s tale features alongside such French children’s classics as Max et les Maximonstres, Les Trois Brigands or Le Prince de Motordu.
The story of the Little Prince is described as one that touches the heart of readers and lingers long in the memory. Even if you are a grown-up, it is never too late to read The Little Prince – quite the opposite, in fact.Les 1001 livres d’enfants qu’il faut avoir lu pour grandir - Flammarion

People are talking about the Little Prince series

The new series of the Little Prince is starting to attract attention in the press. We have a round-up of recent articles about the series that have appeared in the national press.The November edition ofLire magazine features an article on the series and explains how the project was designed for adaptation to children’s TV.On the 20 Minutes website, series producer Aton Soumache and France Télévisions’ head of youth programming Julien Borde talk about the series and explain the choices they made. 

2010 Saint-Exupéry Prize: the winners

Established in 1986 by Solange Marchal (Paris Councillor), Dr. Françoise Dolto and Paul Guth of the Académie Française, the Valeurs Jeunesse (youth values) Prize continues to be a big success, particularly in terms of its jury, which includes young readers, and as a springboard for the careers of prize-winning authors. 

The 2010 winners are:

L’amour en cage by Maryvonne Rippert – published by Seuil Jeunesse, in the novel category.

Malinga, Reine des Bonobos by Florence Guiraud – published by Seuil Jeunesse, in the album category.

Un avion dans la nuit by Maryse Rouy  – Hurtubise (Canada), in the Francophony category.

Find out more by visiting the  Prix Saint-Exupéry – Valeurs Jeunesse website.

Closing days of the Monsieur Poulet contest

The tee shirt contest on the Monsieur Poulet website is drawing to a close. You have until 14 November to vote for your favourite tee shirt. Contestants have shown enormous creativity and a great deal of poetic inspiration. 

Vote now on the Monsieur Poulet website, before it’s too late.

And now the Master Clockmaker


His job is to keep the Planet of Time turning, a demanding task that the Clockmaker, now an old man, finds exhausting. In a moment of weariness and doubt, the snake whispers his evil counsels into the Clockmaker’s ear.  When the Little Prince and the fox arrive, the planet is in turmoil and great danger, sorely in need of their help. The Master Clockmaker is the first grown-up to whom the Little Prince offers his aid, so don’t miss this first adventure.

The snake and his dark ideas

And now here is how the snake will finally look, accompanied by all his dark ideas. These are what the snake uses to sow disorder among the planets.  These ideas undermine everything that works on a planet, and they bar the way of the Little Prince as he seeks to investigate what is wrong. They are generated by the unhappiness of grown-ups, in whose ears the snake is forever whispering his evil counsel. Actor Guillaume Gallienne, whom we are more used to seeing playing comedy characters, lends his voice to the snake. Quite an achievement to get inside the mind of this enigmatic character.

…and the fox

We’ve already shown you the black and white drawing, but now it is our pleasure to present the fox in all his glory. Mischievous, teasing and sometimes even a little grouchy, the fox follows the Little Prince like his shadow. The fox is undoubtedly the character that will bring the most smiles to children’s faces – when he isn’t actually making them laugh out loud on their very first acquaintance.

The rose as you will see her…

After the initial sketches, here for you to admire is the rose as she will appear on TV. Although in the book she was something of a “difficult” character, here we find a rose impatiently waiting for letters from the Little Prince, who has set off in pursuit of the snake. At a press conference, actress Marie Gillain who voices the rose in the series, spoke lovingly of the character she plays: “In the animated series, the rose is enormously gentle, she is the Little Prince’s confidante and the echo of his emotions.