Toute l'actualité du petit prince

Summer on stage for the Little Prince…

This summer, the Little Prince is making his mark on stage. Throughout the summer, theatres have been giving us an opportunity to get in touch with our inner child.

Drama courses directed by Marie Pistekova are being held in Rennes this summer. Children from all over the world come to take part in the classes run by the Czech director. The courses are designed for children, teenagers and adults, and culminate in a stage production of one form or another: improvisations or adaptations of the Little Prince. Take your pick! « I’m the Little Prince,” proudly declared Brittany-Anne, 9 years old, from Texas.

While the children have fun in Rennes, far away in Nouméa theatre company Les Incompréhensibles are also staging their version of the famous story. This time, however, the masked actors are using puppets to act out the highlights of the tale. « We hope that adults will realise that the most important thing is to spend time on real human relationships,” says Jean-Paul Smadja, a member of the company.

The Théâtre du Damier, meanwhile, is spending this summer touring Normandy, presenting a musical comedy based on the Little Prince, directed by Clarisse Burnand and Arielle Bailleux. More information available on the official website.

So, are you ready for a journey back into childhood?

Taiwan highlights the Little Prince…

Asia is definitely full of surprises! Following on from China and its new graphic novel of the Little Prince, presented here only a few weeks ago, now it’s the turn of Taiwan to show what it can do.

Here are two animated videos of the Little Prince. The first retraces the key episodes in the story of the Little Prince, and the second recounts his relationship with the rose. The two highly poetical videos show us a Little Prince rather different from the one we are familiar with, but equally winning.

The videos bear witness to just how popular Saint-Exupéry’s famous tale is throughout Asia.

Click here to view…

The Little Prince in Ukraine

The Little Prince, as we know, is a symbol of French culture. Whenever France is mentioned or praised abroad, the Little Prince is often one of the first figures to spring to mind. In Japan, for example, there is a village known as “Little France” – an exact replica of a typical French village – where the Little Prince is omnipresent. There is even a museum in honour of the author and aviator.

Japan is not the only country to pay homage to France through the Little Prince, however; his recent travels have taken him as far as Ukraine. The capital, Kiev, is home to a small French quarter full of reminders of home – including a baker’s, opened in 2010 and already a firm favourite with French expatriates, selling the quintessentially French baguette and quiches, of course, but also traditional French cakes and pastries. A visit to Kiev is also an invitation to explore, however, perhaps by strolling along Peizazhna Street, home to a fantastical park where nothing is as it seems. It is here that the Little Prince is represented in a beautiful statue by Ukrainian sculptor Constantin Skretutsky. Clad in red and blue mosaics and wielding a sword, the Little Prince watchers over passers by just as he would watch over his rose.

All you need to do now is sit down on a convenient bench and plunge once more into the famous tale by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry…

Enfant Magazine supports “Dessine-moi un mouton”

Every month, the famous French children’s magazine joins up with a different partner to give children a helping hand and make their everyday life better.

In August, Enfant Magazine teamed up with “Dessine-moi un mouton”, an association that since 1990 has been helping families affected by HIV/AIDS to live with the illness outside the hospital environment. The charity offers families overall support, geared to the specific needs of each family member.

This time, the magazine has organised a competition, with great prizes to be won. Part of the sums raised via text messages will go to the association.

Prizes :

- A week’s thalassotherapy in Saint-Jean-de-Monts at the Best Western Atlantic Thalasso, value 1350 € – Text: THERMES

- Emilio Pucci: 10 bottles of Miss Pucci eau de parfum, individual value 66.50 € – Text: PARFUM

- De’Longhi : 2 ICK6000 ice turbines, value 320 € – Text: GLACE

- Concord: 1 Transformer T Pro car seat, value 249 € – Text: SIEGE

If you would like to do your bit to help “Dessine-moi un mouton”, and perhaps win one of the prizes on offer, text the code for the prize you would like to win to 73232 (cost 0.50€ + cost of a text message)

To find out more about the association, click here.

New in September. Specially for babies!

It’s going to be a colourful autumn in the Little Price online store. From 1st September 2011, a superb new bunting bag and an adorable set of baby bedding will be added to the range.

Soft pastel colours and original Little Prince designs provide an ideal background for baby’s first discoveries and peaceful starry nights. Made from 100% cotton, they will keep baby warm at night. All in all, these are the perfect baby essentials.

Don’t miss out: put them on your baby shower list right now!

Available from 1st September! Your whole order will ship in one package as of 1st September.

Like to find out more? Visit the online store!

Success: the Little Prince pop-up books !

The giant pop-up book goes from strength to strength in 2011, adding to its already phenomenal success! Since it was first published in 2009, it has sold no fewer than 60,000 copies in France (and over 300,000 worldwide).

As a result, Gallimard has decided to launch a third edition of the pop-up book. Fans of the Little Prince will be delighted at the news. It has to be said that the book is magnificent, and truly merits the success it has enjoyed!

In fact, it is a victim of its own success: with demand still heavy, the pop-up book is sold out everywhere. Well, not quite everywhere: the very last copies still available can be ordered from the online store while the limited stock lasts.

Perhaps your children are also fans of the TV series starring our friends, the Little Prince and the Fox? Well, the good news is that there is also a pop-up book of the series available. Not just lovely to look at, it will whisk children back into the fantastic adventure world of the two heroes!

Order your copies of the pop-up books now, from the Little Prince online store!

Follow the Little Prince on Twitter and Facebook!

Though different in the way they work, Twitter and Facebook are by far the most famous social network sites. Members can keep up to date on what people on their lists of friends and contacts are up to.

We thought you might like to keep up to date with the Little Prince on Twitter and Facebook by adding him to your list, creating a link between you and the Little Prince.

Be more than a follower, be his friend!

Check out the Little Prince on Twitter and Facebook!

When the Little Prince visits the Porto Alegre exhibition…

From the beginning of July to 7 August 2011, a new exhibition dedicated to the Little Prince is being held in Porto Alegre, a major city in southern Brazil.

Fans of the Little Prince will be fascinated to explore the world of the book through an exhibition that brings Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s text and watercolours to life. Visitors can walk inside the sheep’s box, draw on the walls, or sit on planet B612 and gaze at the stars.

The exhibition has been a great success over the month since it opened. More than 100,000 visitors have passed through its doors, including one not exactly like all the others…

Enjoy the pictures…


Get with the programme !

As we told you, September is THE month to watch for the Little Prince graphic novels!

All through September, there are special events being held in all major branches of FNAC and other leading bookstores in Paris and around France, where you can meet the authors of the graphic novels and have your albums personally signed.

Diaries at the ready! We want to see you out in strength!

Here is the programme:

  • 7 September 2011: publication of the first two graphic novels (Planet of the Wind and Planet of the Firebird)

FNAC des Ternes (Paris)

  • 4 Wednesday workshops

◦        Wednesday 7 September 2011: 1 reading workshop (with Gabriel Bismuth-Bienaimé and Franck Capillery)

◦         Learn to draw the Little Prince graphic novel character

◦         Learn to draw the characters and settings

◦         Learn to draw a page of the Little Prince graphic novel

◦        Author signing sessions on Saturday 17 September

Regional FNAC stores

Exhibition “How the Little Prince graphic novel was drawn”

◦      24/09: Strasbourg

◦      01/10: Toulouse

◦       15/10: Lille

◦       02/11: Nantes

◦       09/11: Lyon

◦       16/11: Marseille

◦      19/11: Bordeaux

◦       26/11 and 27/11: Colmar Book Fair

Regional bookstores

24/09 : Librairie Decitre (Strasbourg) + signing session.

New Little Prince mugs available from the online store !

The online store is proud to present its new range of Little Prince mugs.

Available from 31 August 2011, these classic white china coffee mugs are decorated with the title of the book in its original typography. Available with green or red lettering. Ideal for hot drinks at breakfast or teatime.

Coming soon to the store: Little Prince bunting bags and notebooks.

To find out more, visit the online store.