Toute l'actualité du petit prince

The Little Prince in Montréal for the « Escales Improbables »

Tuesday, September 3, the Little Prince visited the Vieux-Port of Montreal, for the Montreal « Escales Improbables ».

This is where a collaborative mural fresco is set. The children will be invited to draw with chalk their own planet on it, amongst the Little Prince constellation.

The event, entitled « Draw your planet » has opened at 17:30. The mural will move into different parts of the city during the autumn. It will include the Museum of Fine Arts during the Days of Culture, as well as Musee Grevin Montreal. It will then be offered at the CHU Sainte-Justine.

The event « Draw your planet » is co-organized by Gallimard and Succession Saint-Exupéry d’Agay, with the support of many partners :  EIM – Consulat général de France à Québec – Air France – MBA Mtl – Télé-Québec – BAnQ – Grévin Montréal – Trudeau Corporation – Fondation et CHU Sainte-Justine – Excentris –  JackWorld Inc.

Other activities are also planned for the fall, including a contest in schools and a public reading at the Grande Bibliothèque.

For more details, see:


Here is the mural during the opening of the 70th anniversary of the Little Prince in Québec.

Pictures by Geneviève Brindle.






Kalimera Little Prince!

You already knew that the Little Prince DVD are coming to Greece.

Discover now the TV spots !

Planet of the Time

Planet of the Firebird

The Little Prince on BBC4


The Little Prince was on BBC4 at 4PM yesterday !

You can listen the podcast here :


Mike Greenwood unlocks the secrets of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s classic novella, 70 years after it was first published.

Barely 100 pages long, The Little Prince is one of the most read books in the world. Like the little prince himself, his creator Antoine de Saint Exupéry has become an enigma. An aristocrat and an aviator, he wrote The Little Prince in exile in America, when the world was at war and France was under Nazi occupation. Barely two years later he was dead – having failed to return from a reconnaissance mission over his homeland. His body was never found.

But the fable-like book he left behind continues to captivate generations of readers, from the child to the adult. Why?

« It is only with one’s heart that one can see clearly. What is essential is invisible to the eye. » Is it a simple children’s story engaging with simple truths about love, experience and loss? A manifesto for humanist values in time of strife? Or a manual for living on our fragile planet?

Mike Greenwood journeys to Paris to unravel the origins, meaning and enduring appeal of Le Petit Prince. He meets Saint-Exupery’s nephew, Francois d’Agay, now 87, who remembers visits from Uncle Antoine in the 1930s, and Mike enters the inner circle of ‘Saint-Exupérians’ who have made it their life’s work to interpret the symbols, biographical parallels and true message of the book.

The novelist Tracey Chevalier and children’s author Michael Rosen also share their personal insights into the French classic, which is featured in a series of evocative readings.

Presenter: Mike Greenwood
Producer: Eve Streeter


The lamplighter

It may be well that this man is absurd. But he is not so absurd as the king, the conceited man, the businessman, and the tippler. For at least his work has some meaning. When he lights his street lamp, it is as if he brought one more star to life, or one flower. When he puts out his lamp, he sends the flower, or the star, to sleep. That is a beautiful occupation. And since it is beautiful, it is truly useful.





Back to school!


Fan Art Friday #2

It’s Fan Art Friday again !

Here is a few pictures created by fan to pay tribute to the Little Prince. We want to thank all of you for your participation. You can still post your creation on the Little Prince Official facebook page.

to draw a mocking bird

more strips on : todrawamockingbird.


Ian Brooks pictures the Little Prince’s travel to the moon.



Kix’s Little Prince is counting sheeps !



Xoch’s Little Prince has a sword !



Thank you for your participation !

Oriane, 6 years old.

Oriane 6 ans

Wool Little Prince and Fox by Kika Gbeminiy

Wing Liam

Hand-painted oil by Wing Liam

Jack A Lynn

The Little Prince by Jack A Lynn

Nikola Izsofová

The Little Prince fly ! by Nikola Izsofová

Bing Ramos

Hand-painted shoes ! Picture by Bing Ramos

Le Petit Prince

In Thailand by Napat R.

Ricky LeeThe Little Prince facing the Snake by Ricky Lee

Sweet Pea Felts

Little Prince and his sheep ! by Sweet Pea Felts

Petit Prince - el jardin de rosas_Leticia Cortina

The Rose garden from Leticia Cortina


The Little Prince taming Fox by Annie Carbo

Four new comics releases in the US this Fall!

The editor of  comics Lerner has announced the release of four new adventures of the Little Prince in the US this fall.

Introducing a modern, graphic-novel take on a timeless classic! The Little Prince, a new series from Graphic Universe™, a division of Lerner
Publishing Group, is adapted from the new TV series based on the classic masterpiece by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, which has sold more than
140 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 257 languages.

The story

The universe is in danger: the stars are going out one by one along the path of the Serpent. The Little Prince, determined not to let evil rule the galaxy, leaves his asteroid and his beloved Rose to embark on a monumental quest. Accompanied by his faithful friend Fox, he will discover vast worlds set off kilter by strange rules and dangerous strife and will use his extraordinary gifts to help bring balance to each planet.

The 4 new volumes are: the Planet of the giant, the Planet of the trainiacs, Planet of Libris and the Planet of Ludokaa.


#9 The Planet of the Giant
The Planet of the Giant is a very strange place. The planet itself is a stone giant, and each body part is managed by a different ruler. But ever since Talamus, the controller of the giant’s brain, stopped responding to messages and started giving crazy orders, nothing on the planet is working anymore.


#10 The Planet of Trainiacs
Panic has broken out on the Planet of Trainiacs, where the only way to get around is by train! But the trains aren’t running on time anymore, and they aren’t getting to their final destination. Life in the community is topsy turvy! Has Hannibal, the railway switchman, gone crazy?


#11 The Planet of Libris
What’s happening on the Planet of Libris? Books have started flying away and disappearing! Who would want to prevent citizens from reading? The Little Prince investigates and discovers a story of romance and jealousy.

lerner t12

#12 The Planet of Ludokaa
On this planet, two kingdoms are fighting over who gets to watch the sunset. One day, instead of fighting, they decide to play a game called Ludokaa. But the night before the big competition, the two communities are on the point of another battle.

Discover these comics!

The Little Prince travels

During this summer, The Little Prince has been spotted in several locations.


PP EN cavale à Kharma LING temple bouddhiste Isère

In Kharma LING,  bouddhist temple in Isère (France)

Hommage au Petit Prince de Saint-Exupéry, bien installé sur l'astéroïde B-612, au Musée de Hakone, Japon.

Comfortably standing on his asteroid, in the Little Prince Museum in Hakone, Japan.

Tupello  Tennessee _ Marylène Le Bihan

In the hand of the young Elvis Presley statue, in Tupello, Tennessee

Maria Francisca Paupério Brandão LPP in Porto Portugal

In the streets of Porto, Portugal.

Matteo Debe _ l'escala _ spain

In the city of L’escala, Spain.

Melissa Mey_Cappadocia

Ready to climb cliffs in Cappadocia.

biblio mejanes

And in Aix-en-Provence, where it forms the entrance of the Mejanes Library.

biblio mejanes 2


(Yummy) news from Brazil

In Brazil, The Little Prince comes back to school with the students.  A collection of agendas and notebooks have been released.

Producted by JANDAIA, these are available in stationery stores.

Discover the whole collection !

PP carnet

After the classes, let’s party !

Brazilians children can now enjoy the new collection of products for birthdays.

Cups, napkins and a thousand other variations are available in shops.

Of course, to fill these plates, nothing better than chocolate. And why not, Little Prince chocolates?

This delicacy flavor chocolate marshmallow is topped with milk chocolate and star-shaped sweets … What a dream!

Fan art Friday!

Today, we pay tribute to The Little Prince’s fans! All your creativity makes The Little Prince alive !

Here are some new pictures that we really liked, I hope you will enjoy these too.

Giovanna Monteverde_NY

The Little Prince in the streets of New York by Giovanna Monteverde.

This Little Prince loves to travel !

Isidora Markovic, stencil in Obrenovac, Serbia

Here it is in Obrenovac, Serbia, on a mural stencil by Isidora Markovic.


And again on a wall ! Design by Mr. Tooley.

But the Little Prince comes from paper first…

Camille Ascione

Paper Toy by Camille Ascione, In Orléans, France.


Paper sculpture by MissMayoi.

And of course there are many way to picture it…

Valeria Salnikova-TLP

The Little Prince by Valeria Salnikova.

The Little Prince by So Ri Yoon.

The Little Prince by So Ri Yoon.

Joey Majdalib

The Little Prince by Joey Majdalib.

And last but not least, The Little Prince by Red Weldon Sandlin (Yes, this is a teapot).

Red Weldon Sandlin teapot

I hope you enjoyed these ! Contribute to the next fan art Friday by uploading your pictures on our Facebook page : The Little Prince Official.