Toute l'actualité du petit prince

Solar Impulse 2.0

On April 9, the whole Solar Impulse team will unveil the new version of the solar plane!

After years of design, complex simulations and test flights with the first prototype, Solar Impulse 2 will be presented to our partners, friends and media before undertaking, in 2015, the ultimate technological and symbolic adventure of flying around the world without fuel, only powered by the sun. Discover the airplane through a live online Google field trip, ask your questions to the Pilots and team… and join the adventure!

You can follow the event live on:

New : the Little Prince key-ring

The new keyring Petit Prince by Les Etains de Virginie is available!


These pieces of art require close work. First, the object is drawn to scale. Then, it is sculpted. Every little detail counts! Once the « master » is completed, Virginie creates a mold. All keychains are molded and cast one by one. So, these are unique works! Some pictures of the manufacturing process can be seen on the Virginie’s blog.

This beautiful keychain is 100% handmade. « The Little Prince and the Fox » comes in a jewel box with a certificate of authenticity.

Find it on the Little Prince’s shop !

Virginie, a young Belgian designer already created a Little prince key-ring a few months ago. According to her, this character embodies her values :  passion, true love for creation, a luxury item that everybody can afford.



Waiting for the grand opening…

Here are some pictures of the attractions.

You can’t wait ? We neither !

Aerobar of Drinker

Aerobar du Buveur

This air bar is 35 meters above the ground, for a breathtaking experience! Enjoy both your drink and a 360 ° view of the landscape of the Vosges.

King’s ballon

Ballon du Roi

One of two captive balloons, culminating at 150 meters! Do not panic, it is securely fastened to the ground.

The opening of the park will take place in July.

More information here or on the official Facebook page of the Park of the Petit Prince.

Fan Art Friday #25

Many thanks for all your messages !

Here are the creations you send to us this week. Keep participate to Fan Art Friday by posting your work of art on the official Facebook page !


Andrea Ortiz Sosa

Andrea Ortiz Sosa

Diana Rubio

Diana Rubio

Jennifer Nikol

Jennifer Nikol

Justine Ingouf

Justine Ingouf

Léa KaramLéa Karam

  Lilas blue2

Lilas Blue

  Rabia Kausar

Rabia Kausar

Romain Maciejewski

 Chrisanthi Markogiannaki2Chrisanthi Markogiannaki

  Val Santos

Val Santos

Yoshikazu Terasawa

Yoshikazu Terasawa

Cie Serpent Volant

Cie Serpent Volant

kari ok

Kari OK

Stephanie Schuster

Stephanie Schuster

The Little Prince park on Facebook !

Even if we have to wait for this summer to be able to walk in this park dedicated to our favorite hero, it is already possible to follow its news on Facebook!

All the episodes of this great adventure are told by the founders.

What wait before the grand opening in July …



More info here.

New comics books to come in the USA

The new Little Prince comics books have been announced !

It will be the 17th and 18th issues of the new adventures of the Little Prince. You can find all the Little Prince books by Lerner here.

The Little Prince and the Planet of the Bubble Gob.


When the Little Prince reaches this planet, the whole ocean is covered with items discarded by the Creatall. This causes the water level to rise daily, threatening the Creatall’s fragile homes. The Little Prince realises that the problem is the Bubble Gob, an underwater mechanical creature, supposed to destroy the rubbish and clean the ocean. However, this amazing invention is faulty and is growing ever bigger. It has grown so big that its slightest movement causes the ocean level to rise dangerously.

The Little Prince and the Planet of Time.


When the Little Prince sets foot on this planet, it is all out of synch. In one village, time has stopped, in another, on the contrary, it has sped up. In short, time is awry. Little Prince’s investigation leads him to the Great Timekeeper, who has devoted his whole life to setting the planet’s clocks. But as he grew older, he had trouble dealing with the idea that soon, he would have to retire and let someone else do his job. So he decided to use his position to travel back in time and to turn into a « baby », free of responsibility. Except that his journey into the past has had dire side effects: all the planet’s clocks have gone haywire


A Little Prince corner on the Champs-Elysées in Paris

KIUB Monoprix champs Elysées2

This corner dedicated to the Little Prince is located on the Champs-Elysées Monoprix, in Paris.

This is the opportunity to shop the new Little Prince products by La Maison Française.

If you have time, bring back a Little Prince from your shoppping trips!

See more : The Little Prince shop in Paris / The Little Prince online shop




Carnival !

On the occasion of the carnival, many of you have sent us your disguises the Little Prince.

Here are some pictures!

1. La Zumba Boûs, d’Elodie Donckier, à Jalhay.2. Les mécanos du garage d’Isidore, à Jalhay.3. Symbole des Bœufs, l’Irish Beef…4. Jalhay, dis-moi tout de ton Sioux…5. Ali Baba, version Ingrid Lemaître à Herbiester.6. Coxy Fou, ou la coccinelle qui ramène le printemps.7. Les bûcherons qui boiront toujours à Herbiester.8. Les Diables rouges, couleur de  Herbiester.9. Le Petit Prince, derrière l’avion et le renard.
Roxane Godefroid


Little Princes all over the world (2)

After seeing the tributes to the Little Prince and his creator in France, we are expanding our horizon to the whole world!

Le Petit Prince is present in Europe, but also on other continents!


Ans, Belgium