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The Little Prince’s stickers

Let the Little prince enter your home, with these high-quality stickers and paints !


Paristic is a design studio, created in 2007, which produces interior design products.

These smooth design, Urban Chic style, are realised by top quality producers.

The Little Prince is now part of this unique collection !


20 designs (stickers, paints, murals) are available.


The stickers come in two propositions: black adhesive boards along with their golden stars and planets or mirror , and boards  » watercolor effect  » that mimic the warmth and softness of real murals.

The paintings, made ​​by designers of the largest schools are printed in high definition with environmentally friendly inks on canvas polyfibre and are assembled by hand by craftsmen on frame PEFC for the sustainable management of our forests.



Find the whole Little Prince collection here !

Kim Min Ji’s enchanting illustrations of The Little Prince

Today, I want to show you the incredible work of the talented artist Kim Min Ji.

His Little Prince illustrations are breathtaking.

These are from a Korean version of the book (find it here).

kim ming ji

kim ming ji 2

kim ming ji 3

kim ming ji 4

kim ming ji 5

kim ming ji 6

kim ming ji 7

kim ming ji 8

kim ming ji 9

kim ming ji 10

  kim ming ji 12 kim ming ji 13

The Little Prince jewelry


Druzyn jewelry is launching a new collection, featuring  The Little Prince !

All the timeless pictures are offered in a very precious way.

The rose grows on rings, bracelets, earings. Golden Little Princes are flying around necklaces. Even the boa who ate an elephant can be worn on the wrist !

And all the beautiful words of this masterpiece are adorned with gold.


See all the collection here !


The Little Prince anniversary in Russia

The biggest book shop in Russia dedicated its windows to the Little Prince anniversary !

Russie 1

Russie 2

Russie 3

Stickaz are available !

Stickaz ? What’s that ?

Inspired by pixel art,  Stickaz are colored squares that are used to creates  mosaics. All models can be considered, and many tutorials are created by fans, for fans. This time, Stickaz pleases The Little Prince’s fans, with a collection of stickers sthat displays the emblematic figures of the book.

What does it look like ?






How does it works ?

The Kaz is a colored square sticker that can be sticked around and repositioned. Paste them one by one to recreate your model. In the Little Prince collection kit, you will find all the elements to create a pixel art Little Prince (instructions included!)

Available on : Stickaz

IWC celebrates the Little Prince !

For  The Little Prince 70th anniversary, IWC Schaffhausen publisher of luxury watches and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation partner since 2006, has launched two special editions.

More details here.

Besides, the IWC website is now fully adorned with Little Prince’s pictures.


See this wonderful website here !


Fan Art Friday #11

Welcome in this new Fan Art Friday !

This week, fan’s creations dwelled on the innocence of our favorite hero.

Thanks you again to participate in this unique web-event !

Andrea Schubert1

Andrea Schubert

Angel Martin

Angel Martin

Arianna Abreu Puerto Rico age 9

Arianna Abreu age 9

Christine S

Christine S

Freddy Wispelaere - gateau anniv fils disparu il y a 5 ans

Freddy Wispelaere

Gabi Barba

Gabi Barba 2

Gabi Barba

Kayt Ofthelake OfGib

Kayt Ofthelake OfGib

S Maureen Diaz Torres de McConnachie

S Maureen Diaz Torres de McConnachie

tristan Ménard

Tristan, 9 ans

Diyaa Kaur

Diyaa Kaur


The Little Prince’s chocolate

Do you know the Little Prince’s chocolates, by Cacau Show ?

Anyway, I am sure this video will wake up your chocolate cravings!

The Little Prince and his rose on ice…

We already told you about the program of French skaters Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat.

Their program, rich in color and poetry, is a tribute to the story by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, and explores the relationship between the Little Prince and his Rose. The masterpiece by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry has been chosen as olympic program by the French team, to the Sotchi Games in February 2014.

This theme brought them good luck : it is through this free program they have already won the Cup of China with a score 102.08 and 165.68 in total.

We wish them the very best for the Winter Games in Sochi in 2014!

To follow all the news of the athletes, visit their new website.

5 days until the end of the Solar Impulse eco-contest !

As you know, the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation and The Solar Impulse Foundation are joining in a partnership, in order to help the young, all over the world, to achieve great projects. (See more here).

To celebrate this new partnerships, let’s set up a big international contest !

Participate on our Facebook Page, and answer this question : What do you do for your planet ?  Send us pictures or vidéos of your eco-friendly actions, and win this collector badge ! The winners will be randomly selected. This contest will end on November the 10th.

If you want to be part of this dream, you can also help us by getting this badge.
Purchase this collector’s item today and help sponsor our Foundations!

“As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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