Toute l'actualité du petit prince

New comics in Brazil !

The Brazilian publisher Amarylis is releasing comics number 7 to  12 !

That means hours of reading and fun to come for the Brazilian readers !

The universe is in danger: the stars are going out one by one along the path of the Serpent. The Little Prince, determined not to let evil rule the galaxy, leaves his asteroid and his beloved Rose to embark on a monumental quest. Accompanied by his faithful friend Fox, he will discover vast worlds set off kilter by strange rules and dangerous strife and will use his extraordinary gifts to help bring balance to each planet.


Continuing on their journey farther and farther away from home, the Little Prince and Fox land on a peculiar planet where flying machines spread terror through the towns. The Amicopes are a very talkative people, but those disquieting machines, controlled by the overseer Sahara, stop them from speaking out by their taping their mouths shut! But how did the young man become such a tyrant? And is a revolution really the best solution?


On this broiling-hot desert planet, only carapodes—wondrous giant tortoises—can safely move around and deliver mail and resources to the lonely cities perched far apart on rocky ledges. And only one person, Arobase, can guide the carapodes. When he decides to leave them to fend for themselves, the whole world starts falling apart . . .


The Planet of the Giant is a very strange place. The planet itself is a stone giant, and each body part is managed by a different ruler. But ever since Talamus, the controller of the giant’s brain, stopped responding to messages and started giving crazy orders, nothing on the planet is working anymore.


Panic has broken out on the Planet of Trainiacs, where the only way to get around is by train! But the trains aren’t running on time anymore, and they aren’t getting to their final destination. Life in the community is topsy turvy! Has Hannibal, the railway switchman, gone crazy?


What’s happening on the Planet of Libris? Books have started flying away and disappearing! Who would want to prevent citizens from reading? The Little Prince investigates and discovers a story of romance and jealousy.


On this planet, two kingdoms are fighting over who gets to watch the sunset. One day, instead of fighting, they decide to play a game called Ludokaa. But the night before the big competition, the two communities are on the point of another battle.

These comics will be available in October.

Fan Art Friday #06

In order to start this friday in a good mood, here is our selection of fan creations !

But first, I want to thank a thousand times all the fans for their creativity and their dedication.

If you want to send your picture, just post it on Facebook , with the tag  : #fanartfriday.


Today, the Little Prince is thinking about his rose…


Nostalgic Little Prince by Akamaihd

broken blossoms

The Little Prince protecting his rose, by Broken Blossoms

Duygu Altas

The Little Prince with his rose, by Duygu Atlas

october illustration

The Little Prince by October illustrations


The Little Prince by Sachin Teng

But the Little Prince decided to get off the ground and take flight.


By Etringita

Elspeth McLean

By Elspeth Mc Lean


Our B612 by piccsy

Tamar Makharashvili

Tamar Makharashvili

Thank you all for participating ! Thanks to you, the Little Prince remains an eternal child…

Çiğdem Nur

Çiğdem Nur

Jade Leong

Drawing by Jade Leong

Massoud Kordahi'

Massoud Kordahi

Alexia Udriste _ handmade necklace by the mom

Alexia Udriste

The Little Prince in the Montréal Museum of Fine Art of

For the 17th edition of the Journées de la culture (27 and 29 September 2013) , workshops and activities for families are planned at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in .


Friday September 27 to Monday, October 7 :

Draw Me a planet! – Mural available from 11AM to 5PM Promenade des Studios Art & Éducation Michel de la Chenelière – Pavillon Jean-Noël Desmarais

Sunday, September 29

–  » Words and me  » the Little Prince tree of stars at 1.30 PM – at Jean -Noël Desmarais Pavilion

From reading excerpts from the Little Prince , some words may come to mind . Can you use them to create a drawing ? In this activity, the Museum offers families to choose words that inspire their designs . These will then be hung in the Little Prince tree of stars!

The seven planets of the Little Prince From 2PM to 4PM – Starting point : Jean- Noël Desmarais

Imagine the Little Prince walking in the Museum, discovering the treasures on display in each room . From this visit, he selects seven works he decides to allocate to each of the 7 planets he visited ! The Museum offers to take part in this lively course designed especially for the occasion. Discover the planets the Little Prince visited, and their fantastic stories !

The Little Prince and calligraphy from 11AM to 5PM – Promenade des Studios Art & Éducation Michel de la Chenelière – Pavillon Jean-Noël Desmarais

Calligraphy is an art ! A practical workshop led by experienced calligraphers will allow you to try calligraphy, inspired by the text of the Little Prince . In addition, a demonstration of illumination allows you to discover its secrets. At the end of this activity, leave with your own favorites calligraphy, it is offered !

- The Little Prince and watercolor From 11AM to 5PM – Promenade des Studios Art & Éducation Michel de la Chenelière – Pavillon Jean-Noël Desmarais

In this unique workshop, ten watercolorists paint live works inspired by the story of the Little Prince, with music ! Come meet these talented artists and share your impressions on the works exhibited throughout this activity.


Find all the information to plan your visit on the museum site .

A new exhibition in Brazil !

From September 30 to November 3, The Little Prince will be in Ribeirao Preto, at the Iguatemi Shopping Center.

Screen shot 2013-09-13 at 4.42.15 PM(1)

video wall

Watch his new adventures in a 3D animated series, displayed on a giant wall !

Enjoy many workshops, games and fun in this new exhibition !


Practical Information:

Place – Iguatemi Shopping

City – Ribeirao Preto

Period – 30/09 to 03/11

Free entrance !

New comics : The Little Prince arrives in Colombia !

Welcome in Colombia Little Prince !

Panamerica Editorial, the publisher, announced  the release of the first 3 Little Prince comics in Colombia.

The first comic, Planet of the wind, will be released at the beginning of October, shortly followed by the other 2.

Discover here the covers !

colombia  1

Planet of the Wind

colombia 2

Planet of the Firebird

colombia 3

Planet of Music

Fan Art Friday #05

Today, it’s Fan Art Friday !

We received some wonderful landscapes…





But they would be so empty if the Little Prince didn’t live in these !

yuyu jeong2

Yeye Jeong

Amadi helsa

Helsa Amadi

david gilson

David Gilson


Elle duPomme

erik k

Erik K



Stasia Burrington

Park. Me-Suk

Park Me Suk

Thank you very much for participated !

If you want to send your picture, just post it on Facebook , with the tag  : #fanartfriday.

Bam Astilla-fan art

Bam Astilla

dessin de Laetitia



Magali Talulla Rul

Magali Talulla Rul

marylène le bihan

Marylène Le Bihan

Morgan Milburn-fan art friday

Morgan Milburn

Narcis Halilović

Narcis Halilović

pierre Alek


Tony Muniz Anjos Da Medula

Tony Muniz Anjos Da Medula

Louis David Orlando Heerasing

Louis David Orlando Heerasing

The Little prince on TéléQuébec

To celebrate the 70 th anniversary of the Little Prince, the TV channel TéléQuébec set several operations with the Little Prince TV series


The channel has already met the little fans, at the Montréal Escales Improbables, where a huge participatory mural was made ​​available to children.

But that’s not all: TéléQuébec began rebroadcasting the first two seasons of the animated series The Little Prince on September 14. Rendez-vous on Saturday and Sunday afternoons!.

In this series, The Little Prince, accompanied by his faithful friend Renard, have to save the world, and every planet, from the clutches of the vile Serpent. It is through his correspondence with his Rose that young viewers follow their adventures from planet to planet. Each is marked by the discovery of the diversity that makes the beauty of the universe.

TéléQuébec is pleased to join the Succession Antoine de Saint-Exupery to celebrate the anniversary of this bright-hearted Little Prince.



Hayao Miyazaki and the Prince of the stars

You now know that the little Prince is Hayao Miyazaki’s favorite  book. What you may not know yet is that the director has proven its commitment to this masterwork several times, being involved in various projects.
Written in 2006 to accompany the album Drawings, watercolors, pastels, pens and pencils of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the preface of Hayao Miyazaki, is a treasure of emotion.
He did not know the author, who died when he was 3 years old. His emotion at this drawings comes from a meeting with « an exceptional person » meets « miraculous moments that crystallize in a visible form, the spirit of their author. »
Hayao Miyazaki portrays a « diamond. » « A rough stone that neither modes nor the turbulence of the times can not reach, does not age. »
It compares the Little Prince pilot, who « attempted to take off our star, and after many failures, many injuries, finally succeeded in the Mediterranean, to fulfill this desire. »
As a good creator of animated images, Hayao Miyazaki finishes his text describing a scene that seems to come to life in front of our eyes. Antoine de Saint-Exupery flying his Breguet 14 flies over the Canal du Midi to Alicante. We follow a machine whose wings are made of wood, cloth and wire. It beckons us to his cabin. His plane flies away, becoming smaller before disappearing.
« Initiating our descent into this world, we feel then, more clearly than before, his presence … ».


To ask the master to write this preface, he had to go meet him. In front of his small house, a « Deux Chevaux ». The director welcomes his guests wearing a beret. His reserved manners hide a deep affection for the work of Antoine de Saint-Exupery. He has already said he will never adapt the work of writer-pilot. There is nothing more to add to genius. The director is secret. He does not like the press, promotion, merchandising … But he agreed to preface this book of drawings by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, because this album allows you to see the diamond in the rough, no frills.
Up on the Hill

Aviation is a very present theme in his films. It is quite easy to see a connection with Antoine de Saint-Exupery. « Kaze Tachinu » his eleventh feature film, applauded after its screening at the Venice Film Festival, is already released this summer in Japan, where he met a great success.

It chronicles the life of an aeronautical engineer who actually existed, Jiro Horikoshi, designer of Mitsubishi « Zero » planes, flagship of the Japanese air force during the Second World War.
The little Jiro dreams of planes and draw inspiration from those of the Italian designer Italo Caproni. He can not become a pilot because of his myopia, so he joined the aerospace division of a famous multinational company in 1927 and became one of the most brilliant designers of the world. He falls in love with Nahoko, a young woman he met when he was a teenager, saving her life ….

His film, full of intense poetry and references or allusions to European culture, takes the viewer in a metaphor of life facing an uncertain future: « The wind rises, it must try to live » , repeats the hero in french, quoting Paul Valéry.


The Little Prince of the stars
The Little Prince, in Japanese: Oshino Ojisame (Prince of the stars), has strong ties with Japan. It is the country where many researchers worked on the Little Prince and its author. The country where, in Hakone, there is a museum is dedicated to Saint-Exupéry and his Little Prince, a restaurant « Le Petit Prince » and a dedicated shop.
The new Little Prince
And the Little Prince heard the affection of Hayao Miyazaki. In several of its many forms, we can feel the influence of the Japanese master.
This influence is particularly evident in the series  of the Little Prince.
Chihiro ideenoiretolben_pose_ld


The Little Prince of Europe Airpost

A few days ago, a special message landed in the mailbox of the Facebook page of The Little Prince.

The author, Alan Mayer is the purser on Europe Airpost airline.

I always thought it was natural and desirable that the Little Prince found, if not his planet, the universe that his father had loved: the Aeropostale. He is at home.

Indeed, Europe Airpost was still called Aeropostale few years ago … The Aeropostale is where Antoine de Saint-Exupéry made ​​his classes. As the Europe Airpost pilots, he carried mail across the seas. If Antoine de Saint Exupéry was still with us today, he would be in charge of one of our Boeing 737. In fact we carry our passengers during the day and every night of the week, we remove all the 147 seats in each of our aircraft in just 20 minutes in order to load the French Post mail .

But Alan has found time between his travels, to board a special little passenger…
And now the Little Prince meets the aviator!


Photos : Alan Mayer

The Little Prince travels…

The Little Prince loves to travel !

Here are some new pictures of his trips !

Emmy Wong Hokkaido

in Hokkaido (picture by Emmy Wong)

Jodie Hui

in Tibet (by Jodie Hui)


In front of the Eiffel tower (by Joterulo)

Pedro Crispim

In the sands of Morocco (Photo by Pedro Crispim)

Le Petit Prince à Tokyo Marylène Le Bihan

in Tokyo (Marylène Le Bihan)

Maja Miriam Fijałkowska _ taipei

In front of a window in Taipei (Maja Miriam Fijałkowska)

PP THeme park El salvador-Armando Arita

El Salvador (Armando Arita)