Toute l'actualité du petit prince

The Little Prince in Bilbao

Shopping centres and malls often suffer from their image of “temples of consumerism”. Sometimes, however, it doesn’t take much to change things. The Artea shopping centre in Bilbao in Northern Spain had the idea of turning its aisles over to children. More precisely, to what children know, thanks to a Little Prince Interactive Space. Young visitors enjoy access to an area dedicated to play, reading or educational video games on touch-screen terminals. Children and grown-ups were equally enchanted by a reading of The Little Prince.

Indulge your curiosity and check out the pictures of this event.

A Little Prince on iPhone

For those lucky owners of a Smartphone or tablet PC and a keen sense of curiosity, we have unearthed a comic strip adaptation of the Little Prince in Taiwanese. The graphic style is that of children’s books, and the adaptation is faithful to the original. Despite the language barrier, this is a real find that is great fun to flip through on the application designers’ website:


The Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation alongside the élite of the aviation world

Aviation fans take note: Air Force Base 113 Saint-Dizier (Haute-Marne) will be holding open days on 18 and 19 June 2011. A variety of aircraft, old and new, civil and military, will be on display on the tarmac and in the air. And the mascot of AB 113 is none other than… Commandant Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (the writer and pilot served here from December 1939 to June 1940).

To mark the occasion, the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation is inviting a group of 40 young people from the « Maison Saint-Exupéry » in Meudon (a young people’s home run by the Fondation Apprentis d’Auteuil) to share in this extraordinary event and find out more about what the aeronautics industry has to offer in terms of job prospects.

If you would like more information about the Foundation, pay a visit to their stand for full information on the Foundation’s work on behalf of children in difficulty around the world.

Find out more: www.meetingair-saintdizier.fr

Your next date with the Foundation will be at the Le Bourget Air Show (from 20 to 26 June): more news to follow shortly.

Baby wear from the online store

Becoming a parent is a great joy, a source of immense pride and also a heavy responsibility. Making sure that baby gets a good night’s sleep is often a major concern for parents. The online store will shortly be offering an ideal accessory to ensure sweet dreams for baby: the Little Prince bunting bag, made from 100% cotton and decorated in the colours of the Little Prince. Cosy enough for a little prince or princess to smile at the stars in.

Coming soon: double thickness towelling bibs, and a matching bed linen set for older children.

To find out more, visit the online store.

A reading of The Little Prince in Barcelona

If you happen to be in Barcelona on 15 May, the place to be is the Plaça del Rei at 10.30 a.m.  when Ricard Domingo, owner of the Hotel Principal, will be reading passages from The Little Prince in Russian, Catalan and Italian. The event, organised by the El Petit Princep de Catalunya association, highlights the universality of The Little Prince: a little book that brings the whole world together.

If you are in that part of the world and would like to give a reading of the book in a language close to your heart, you can contact the association via this website.

One member of this association of enthusiasts is Jaume. He collects first editions of The Little Prince and will happily travel long distances to unearth a special find. You can read about him, and other collectors, here.

Find out more :


The works of Saint-Exupéry: timeless bestsellers

Grown-ups like numbers and, for once, so do we! In his book on the centenary of publishing house Gallimard, Alban Cerisier devotes several pages to the awards garnered by works published by the house, and in particular a top 50 of bestsellers.

Did you know that the number of copies of The Little Prince printed since 1946 amounts to 13,096,000, the biggest print volume in the history of Gallimard? Also in the Top 50, in 5th place, is Vol de Nuit (Night Flight), with 4,670,000 copies printed since 1938. Terre des Hommes (Wind, Sand and Stars) takes 13th place (3,598,000 copies). Wartime conditions meant that only 1,885,000 copies of Pilote de Guerre (Flight to Arras) were printed, putting the book in 32nd place. Just behind, in 34th place (1,794,000 copies to date), comes Courrier Sud (Southern Mail), published in 1929.

From Saint-Maurice de Remens to the Little Prince

What is the story behind the Little Prince? Who was Antoine de Saint-Exupéry? Did you know he set off on his maiden flight without his mother’s permission? Have you ever heard of l’Aéropostale? Did you know Saint-Exupéry once crash-landed in the middle of the desert?


Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s life was one of meetings, adventures and deep reflection. In the opinion of some, that reflection led to The Little Prince and the unfinished work entitled The Wisdom of the Sands.

Before you browse the Little Prince website, pay a visit to the section on The Author and familiarise yourself with the key dates in the life of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.


Before you browse the Little Prince website, pay a visit to the section on The Author and familiarise yourself with the key dates in the life of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Russia’s young artists in the making

The Little Prince plays a very important role in Russia, particularly in social and educational projects. As part of the Year of France in Russia cultural programme, a nationwide children’s drawing competition was launched. One of the themes set was… the Little Prince!

The jury, composed mainly of artists, examined over 1,700 drawings by manifestly talented young people. Escape for a while to the land of childhood and the Little Prince with this video selection of some of the entries. The second theme was Other People.

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The giant pop-up book: a triumph

The giant pop-up book of The Little Prince started off as an artistic and a literary gamble. The aim was to offer a new approach to the Little Prince that would  be artistic, fun and lyrical all at once. The public responded marvellously, the book soon sold out and since 2009 over 500,000 copies have been printed!

Until the next edition appears for the summer-autumn 2011 season, there are still a few pop-up books in stock at the online store.

The Little Prince goes kite-flying

While you’re waiting for your next journey in the company of the Little Prince and the Fox, we can offer you a glimpse of the planet of the Eolians. Here we find the Little Prince trying to tame not another fox, but this time the wind, with the help of his kite.

It’s a poetic scene in which our Little Prince again demonstrates great curiosity about the lands he visits (rather like Saint-Exupéry on his own travels). This latest episode takes place on a planet that depends on the wind for its wellbeing. The snake is not far away.

If your children (or you!) can’t wait to take flight with the Little Prince, check out this new exclusive excerpt right now !