Toute l'actualité du petit prince

…and the fox

We’ve already shown you the black and white drawing, but now it is our pleasure to present the fox in all his glory. Mischievous, teasing and sometimes even a little grouchy, the fox follows the Little Prince like his shadow. The fox is undoubtedly the character that will bring the most smiles to children’s faces – when he isn’t actually making them laugh out loud on their very first acquaintance.

The rose as you will see her…

After the initial sketches, here for you to admire is the rose as she will appear on TV. Although in the book she was something of a “difficult” character, here we find a rose impatiently waiting for letters from the Little Prince, who has set off in pursuit of the snake. At a press conference, actress Marie Gillain who voices the rose in the series, spoke lovingly of the character she plays: “In the animated series, the rose is enormously gentle, she is the Little Prince’s confidante and the echo of his emotions.

And now, the Little Prince!


Feeling a certain sense of déjà vu? Yes, that is indeed the Little Prince all dressed in his finest, in the same clothes Saint-Exupéry depicted in the story. For the TV series, the Little Prince’s long coat has been embellished with stars and shining symbols reminiscent of a constellation… 


It’s all there, even the sword that, for the Little Prince, is first and foremost an instrument of creation for dealing with the problems posed by the snake and his dark ideas: like a paintbrush, the sword brings the Little Prince’s ideas to life.


If you look, you will notice that the stars on his epaulettes are the same as the ones Saint-Exupéry painted in his watercolours.

Back in time: Saint-Exupéry in colour


Have you heard of Culturebox ? It’s the giant video wall on TV channel FR3′s website where you can watch replays of cultural reports by the channel’s regional and national news teams. Here’s your chance to see (or replay) the report on the auction of a film snippet, in colour, showing Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and his wife in Canada. The film raises certain questions given that in his letters, Saint-Exupéry claims to be depressed, and yet on screen he is all smiles.


The full report is coming soon to the Little Prince website!

Découvrez Un film montrant Antoine de Saint Exupéry vendu aux enchères sur Culturebox !

We have a date with the fox

Ask anyone to choose their favourite passage from The Little Prince, and the answer you often get is “the fox and his secret”. The fox who speaks to the Little Prince has left his mark on all of us, because he speaks to the Little Prince, of course, but also because he speaks to us about friendship.


Like the rose and the snake, the fox is one of the characters featuring in the Little Prince animated TV. We have an exclusive for you with this preparatory sketch. As you will see, this fox is different from the one in Saint-Exupéry’s watercolours. An original character that reminds us a little of the fennec Saint-Exupéry once tamed…


Until the final character is revealed in full colour and animation, we can tell you that the fox is something of a comic character, deadpan, mischievous, but as attached as ever to his Little Prince.


More exclusive news coming soon on the series that will be making headlines!

The Bréguet XIV in the skies over Toulouse…

Back on the tarmac in Toulouse, we get your week off to a flying start with these pictures of the Bréguet XIV taking flight.  Meet those involved in this ambitious project and experience all the poetry of an aircraft taking off for a far-distant land. A unique moment that takes us back to a time of heroes facing great perils: l’Aéropostale. To find out more about Saint-Exupéry and l’Aéropostale, visit the Saint-Exupéry timeline.




The Saint-Exupéry Estate on Internet

The Saint-Exupéry Estate (the Succession Antoine de Saint-Exupéry-d’Agay, to give it its full title in French) now has its own very own space on the Internet, created a few months ago. Presented in the form of a blog, it offers you a chance to get to know the representatives of the Estate, and find out all the latest news about Saint-Exupéry, l’Aéropostale and, of course, the Little Prince. A good starting-point for exploring another aspect of the world of Saint-Exupéry.

There are a number of links to related sites; one of them will take you to the website of the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation where you can download the brochure explaining this ambitious initiative.

Bookmark the blog for future reference, and feel free to add your comments.

Le village de la Planète du temps…

Vous l’aurez compris c’est sur que vous trouverez toutes les exclusivités sur la série animée. Venez tous les jours nous rendre visite et nous laisser un commentaire.  L’exclusivité du jour est ni plus, ni moins que le village des habitants de la planète du temps. En attendant de découvrir à quoi ressemblent les habitants, découvrez le village tel que vous le verrez à l’écran…

The Little Prince comes to the small screen!

The DVD of the Little Prince’s latest adventures is available for pre-order from 17 November. As well as the Little Prince himself and his friend the fox, this is your chance to discover the famous Planet of Time. A planet where the very idea of time seems to be out of kilter. Could the snake and his dark ideas be behind it all?


For older viewers, the DVD includes a bonus making-of section, while the prestige edition includes the folio adaptation of the adventure on the Planet of Time.


You will find the Little Prince more adventurous than ever, a fox full of mischief and a snake worthy of the very blackest of cartoon villains.


Discover the DVDs.

And here comes the snake!

The snake, that strange and enigmatic character in Saint-Exupéry’s tale, is back, too. In the animated TV series, the snake is the source of all the problems the Little Prince has to set right. He whispers wicked ideas into people’s ears and commands the dark thoughts of the beings we will be introducing you to shortly in the Little Prince series.


You will have noticed that the graphics for this particular character are extremely sophisticated. There is something of many different kinds of poisonous reptile in his appearance, including the viper, the cobra and the legendary plumed serpent of South America.


This complex, enigmatic character will be voiced by actor Guillaume Gallienne of the Comédie Française: French TV audiences will remember him for his masterly interpretations in Les Bonus de Guillaume.