Toute l'actualité du petit prince

A Little Prince play in Fayetteville, USA

« The Little Prince » is well known as a favorite of children worldwide. But Cape Fear Regional Theatre Artistic Director Tom Quaintance said its appeal is not limited to the young set.

The theater is presenting a stage version of the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry book as the opening play of its 2013-14 season. Productions of the musical continue through Oct. 6.

« While I hope parents and grandparents bring their kids to this show, I also hope people just come, » Quaintance said. « It is not just for kids at all. »

« I have a deep, deep fondness for this story, » Quaintance said. « It’s a great story and a great play. »

Seven actors play 20 different characters in the play.


The staff :

Emily S. Grosland stars as the Little Prince.Steve Minow performs as the Aviator. Andrew Wheeler plays the fox and geographer in the play. Jae Powell plays the Rose.

Quaintance said the play should be a visual feast, with evocative sets and costumes. A lift is being constructed for the show. But the sets and costumes are in service of a story with more to offer than may first appear.

« The lessons in this story, » Quaintance said, « they’re both very simple and very deep. »

Where: Cape Fear Regional Theatre, 1209 Hay St.

When: Through Oct. 6 with performances Wednesday through Sunday. Show times are 7:30 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday. A 2 p.m. « family day » performance is Oct. 5, where guests can meet characters from the show after the play.

Tickets: $12 for tonight’s preview and Thursday’s « community night » show. Family day tickets are $10 and $12. Other shows are $20 and $25.

Information: 323-4233 or

The Little Prince and the Planet of the Wind available in Finnish

eoliens wsoy


The Finnish publisher WSOY is about to release a new book of the Little Prince’s new adventures : The Planet of the wind !

Wsoy already published 3 other books last year : Planet of Time, Planet of Firebird and Planet of Music.

In this new story the Little Prince meets the Eolians, whose one and only source of energy is wind. The wind serves – amongst other things – to warm up the planet, which is perpetually threatened by frost. The problem is that lately, the wind has weakened. The Little Prince will find out that this is due to a conflict between the great Wind Wizard and his son Zephir. Zephir diverts the wind to play his huge Wind-organ, bypassing instructions of his father. And at the same time putting an end to his farther’s dream of his son becoming his successor.

For more information about this book, click here (in Finnish).

A fan’s project to create a Little Prince themed Lego

Last week, for Fan Art Friday, we received a message from Colin Patrick Walle, asking us to publish his Little Prince lego creation. The picture had a great success, but there is more !

He told us that it’s possible to vote on Lego Cuusoo to make the LEGO Little Prince a reality:

This is a site where Lego accepts suggestions for future sets (they take these ideas as concepts and have their professional designers make their own version).

“I have always loved The Little Prince and also enjoy Legos, so thought this would make a good project. Please consider supporting this project. And – THANK YOU for all the nice comments and « Likes »!

So, take a visit and see Colin’s awesome creation !



The Little Prince in Kazakhstan



The book was translated from French to Kazakh in 2004. It was published in a very small amount and was mostly distributed among French teachers in Almaty.
This year the book was re-published and is now available in bookstores. The French Alliance in Almaty presented it last week, in a great event !

affiche kazak


In August, the alliance also launched an art contest for kids « The World of the Little Prince ». The results were announced  at the presentation of the book. There were so many good works and paintings, that the alliance have decided to use them as a part of the design for their calendar next year !





Fan Art Friday #08

Today, it’s Fan Art Friday !

We want to thank all the fans fo sending their creations, as beautiful and unique as always.

If you want to participate, send us your picture on Facebook (The Little Prince official).


If the Little Prince keep inspiring you, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was not forgotten…

Em Nareak

Em Nareak

Dennis Bacalhau - fan art

Dennis Bacalhau

Parisa Ghafoori-fan art

Parisa Ghafoori

Grettel Pablo - Fan art

Grettel Pablo

Žirafa Nurko

Žirafa Nurko

Louis David Orlando Heerasing

Louis David Orlando Heerasing

Paula Lievano Berges -fan art2

Hiram Alonso López-fan art

Hiram Alonso López

The Little Prince is born on paper. But, in your creations, he escapes it to reach all the materials… The imagination has no limits !

Anthony Avangard-fan art

Anthony Avangard

Ana Sofìa


Anabela Patrícia-2

Anabela Patrícia

Elena Hatzeli-fanart

Elena Hatzeli

Marylene le Bihan patchwork

Marylène Le Bihan

徐嫈嫈-fan art friday


Sungchul Park

Sungchul Park

Colin Patrick Walle-fanart friday

Colin Patrick Walle

See you next Friday !

The work behind a comics’ cover…

You already knew that the Little Prince has its own series, produced by the French studio Method Animation.  From these episodes were made several comics.

Here, i show you the Bubble Gob comic book.

Now, you can see the different stage of the cover, from the early beginning (graphic researchs) to the finished product.

Enjoy !




couv bubble gob

The Little Prince’s comics #11 and #12 available in Czech Republic

The Czech publisher Mlada Fronta has released 2 new comics.


#11 Planet of the Libris

What’s happening on the Planet of Libris? Books have started flying away and disappearing! Who would want to prevent citizens from reading? The Little Prince investigates and discovers a story of romance and jealousy.


# 12 Planet of Ludokaa

On this planet, two kingdoms are fighting over who gets to watch the sunset. One day, instead of fighting, they decide to play a game called Ludokaa. But the night before the big competition, the two communities are on the point of another battle.


Hope you will enjoy these !

A Little Prince screening at the New-York Skyroom


In New York, for The Little Prince’s 70th birthday, a screening of the first two episodes of the series (in French) will be organized.

The Little Prince embarks on new adventures around the galaxy in this award-winning television series based on the classic children’s book.
In the first two episodes, follow the Little Prince as he embarks on an adventure to rescue The Planet of Time.

Following the screening, children will do an arts-&-crafts project!

See you in the Skyroom on October 26 at 3PM !

Practical Information

CinéKids: Films & Activity
The Little Prince, Episodes 1 & 2: The Planet of Time
at 3:15pm, at the Skyroom
Ages 6 & up
In French without subtitles

Cinékids is an activity developped by the French Alliance of New-York.

Pilot’s watches for the Little Prince 70’s anniversary

For  The Little Prince 70thanniversary, IWC Schaffhausen publisher of luxury watches and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation partner since 2006, will launch two special editions.

The Large Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar Edition « Le Petit Prince » red gold, limited to 270 copies, and « The Little Prince » Pilot’s Watch Mark XVII Edition stainless steel, limited to 1000 copies, pay tribute to Antoine Saint-Exupery, the pilot and writer behind this poetic tale.


The Large Pilot’s Watch




This impressive watch in midnight blue features a perpetual calendar which displays the year, the date, day and month. The high quality materials and manufacturing high quality evoke the Aeropostale’s travel and pioneering spirit. The panel design, reminding cockpit instrument blends with the elegant displays of the perpetual calendar. This model is the first IWC Large Pilot’s Watch to integrate the classic moon phase display. Here, the moon is adorned with The Little Prince watching the starry sky on his asteroïd. This picture is also on the 18-carat gold medallion adorning the oscillating weight, which can be admired at the back of the watch through the bottom sapphire glass. The inscription « Le Petit Prince », title of the first edition, is engraved on the winding rotor.

The special edition red gold limited to 270 copies comes with a bound volume of a rare design created exclusively for IWC, a reproduction of the original first edition in English, and a reproduction of the original French manuscript of « the Little Prince » written by hand.

The Pilot’s Watch Mark XVII





Cockpit ambience for this watch whose priority is readability. The designers were inspired by the look of the instrument panel to create the date window that recalls an altimeter with numbers arranged vertically. The date is indicated by a triangle. The little star that balances on the back of the seconds hand represents the star drawn by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

With its soft-iron inner case protection and secured glass against its dial in case of sudden depressurization XVII Mark revives the tradition of the historical model, the legendary Mark 11 1940. The back of the watch is decorated with an engraving showing the Little Prince on his tiny asteroid, with its fluttering scarf. This steel watch is limited to one thousand copies.

« Antoine de Saint-Exupery is still a model of courage, a pioneering spirit, perseverance and passion, » recently said IWC CEO Georges Kern. « His willingness to make things happen is exemplary. As a company assuming social responsibility, IWC is proud to be partner since 2006 of the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation, a commitment that is perfectly in line with humanitarian ideas defended by the writer and french pilot. Already in 2009, IWC Schaffhausen, in collaboration with Sipar and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation, opened a library in Cambodia. Education is the key to the fight against illiteracy and we wanted to make a contribution through the library. We are now moving to the next step with the construction of a school, « says Georges Kern.

Read more about the foundation


Fan Art Friday #07

It’s Fan Art Friday !

Thanks to all the Little Prince fans for these wonderful creations.

The Little Prince taming the fox keep inspiring you…

Bren Sue-fan art

Bren Sue

Edgar José Reyes _ fan art

Edgar José Eyes

Lena Zjazeva-fan art

Lena Zjazeva

Désirée Gonzalez

Désirée Gonzalez

The Little Prince likes sunsets.

Hikikai Neet-fanart





ergit 13



Thank you for participating ! If you want to see your picture here, send it on Facebook, with the hashtag : #fanartfriday.

Alma Garciia - room wall fan art

Alma Garciia

Leila A. Nabih-fan art

Leila A. Nabih

Gabor DanoGabor Dano

Jean-michel Guivarc’h