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New Little Prince books with Gallimard !

The Little Prince from the TV series will live new adventures with Gallimard Jeunesse.

The new collection « Premières Lectures » offers its two first release :

- Au secours de la Rose

- La Couronne de l’Oiseau de Feu

This collection for young readers is already available.


Physical theatre with an Asian touch based on classic Antoine de Saint-Exupéry tale

Starchild: The Little Prince Reborn

As demonstrated by this likeable, if occasionally meandering, adaptation of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s world-famous fable, Shanghai-based ex-pat theatre company Urban Aphrodite International use drama and movement styles derived from influential Japanese theatre-maker Tadashi Suzuki.

At the start, the three robotically floor-stamping actors (plus musician Tom Sharrock) separate out the various props (paper lanterns, sticks, fabric) and costume accessories (hats, masks, fake beard) that they will subsequently use to tell the tale of the titular and peripatetic lad (nicely played by Alex Gomar), who is pining for the precious flower (Awesta Zarif) left behind on his planet.

It is by necessity, given the source (touchingly sweet or achingly twee depending on your point of view), a delicate and simply staged performance leavened by the participation of the robust Barron Weyerhaeuser in a slew of roles. Sharrock’s mainly recorded score is perhaps a tad too samey, so too the cosmic back projections and some of the pseudo-floaty motion.

Also, those unfamiliar with the book might be at a bit of a loss. Still, there are nice things here and an over-all care that serves Saint-Exupéry’s classic well. It’s also suitable for children, although probably not the little ones.

Greenside @ Nicolson Square, 618 6967, until 16 Aug, 12.40pm, £10 (£5).

Starchild: The Little Prince Reborn

  • 3 stars

Urban Aphrodite International is a company based in Shanghai. Starchild: The Little Prince Reborn is an original, universal physical theatre piece based on the incredible travels of The Little Prince written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

End of the Summer season at the Little Prince Park

With 30 000 visitors, the Park’s attendence goals are more than fulfilled. The quick increase in the tickets’ sales indicate that the first visits were very satisfaying, and the visitors are recommanding it to their family and friends. The objective of 80 000 visitors before the end of the season should be quickly acheived. 80% of the visitors aren’t from the county.


Magnificent sculptures by PAJ’Art

Arnaud, artist founder of the company PAJ’Art in Bangkok, has made ​​magnificent sculptures of characters from The Little Prince. These works of art will be presented to the public in May 2015 at the French cultural festival organized by the Embassy and the French Institute of Singapore. This first edition will be placed on the theme of Antoine de Saint Exupery. This unique exhibition of sculptures of the little prince will be one of the important events in honor of the writer who is very popular in Asia.

Artstudio Artheline

Artstudio Artheline‎2

Artstudio Artheline3

If you want to go in the studio Arnaud to admire the sculptures, visit the PAJ’Art workshop (30 minutes from Bangkok)!

Visits are allowed by appointment.

And if you can not go to Bangkok, visit the facebook  page!

Fan Art Friday #48

On Fridays, fans of The Little Prince express their talent with Fan Art Friday!

Send us your creations via our facebook page, we’ll publish them here!



AJ Albaniel

AJ Albaniel

Amiee Louise Barratt

Amiee Louise Barratt

Angela LouCitron Cirinesi

Angela LouCitron Cirinesi



Celia Estrada     Vani Fung

Celia Estrada                               Vani Fung

Lighuen Alé Aranea Sonzini

Lighuen Alé Aranea Sonzini

Lorena Ataraxia

Lorena Ataraxia

Małgorzata Trusewicz Kułaczewska _ maly

Małgorzata Trusewicz Kułaczewska

Marisol Jimenez -spain

Marisol Jimenez

Sonia Guerra Rodríguez

Sonia Guerra Rodríguez

Tessa Cannell

Tessa Cannell

Vickyy Varsavsky

Vickyy Varsavsky

Zapas Pintadas AndruZapas Pintadas Andru

The Little Prince at the Shanghai Animation Fair

The Little Prince landed at the Shanghai Animation Fair!

This exhibition is an important event in the Asian animated movie market, but it’s also a great event for the families.  The Fair took place from 31 July to 19 August.

Visitors were able to admire the life-size sculptures of characters from the series. Then, they had access to different areas of entertainment: screenings of episodes of The Little Prince, an origami workshop, a mailbox to write to the Little Prince, an exhibition to learn more about the original work, but also corners to be taken in picture alongside their favorite characters.

You haven’t been able to visit? Here are some pictures!


fair shanghai

fair shanghai4 fair shanghai5

fair shanghai1

fair shanghai2

The 2 last audio Cds from Edel !

August 15, the last 21 and 22 episodes of the audio from the series The Little Prince is available on CD and download : (Download).

The series tells the story of the Little Prince, the most famous work of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, and viewers can accompany the Little Prince, the Fox and Rose in new adventures throughout the universe.

In episode 21, the Little Prince has landed on the planet of Okidians. But the comet Siffreo threatens to destroy it! Only the king, the Okodo, can repel it in the sky with his magical powers, but he has mysteriously disappeared! Despite his despair Okoda, the queen, did not seem in a hurry to go looking for him … And why is she so interested in the powers of the Little Prince?
Accompanied by Okimi, The Little Prince and the Fox challenge the Snake and the Black Ideas in a race against time.
Will they find the Okodo before it’s too late?


4 R


In the last episode, tired of his repeated failures against the Little Prince, Snake decided to play his last card: he returned on B612 and kidnapped the Rose. In doing so, he knows he can lose everything. Indeed, if the Little Prince comes in the Snake’s planet and releases the rose, he will also release all those he could not save : his army of Black Ideas.


4 R

These CDs are only available in German language. You can download them here: Download

Fan Art Friday #47

On Fridays, fans of The Little Prince express their talent with Fan Art Friday!

Send us your creations via our facebook page, we’ll publish them here!

Lea Borgi

Lea Borgi



















Reading The Little Prince in every languages with IWC

Find your inner child and let yourself be lulled by the reading of The Little Prince in several languages ​​…

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of our little hero, IWC organized readings of The Little Prince by several personalities in all its stores around the world.

Watch the video here.

The Little Prince Park

Soon it will be the week-end !

Maybe an opportunity to visit the Little Prince Park ?



- Aérophile, a french SME manufacturer of tethered balloons, the only approved aircraft for leisure and amusement parks. Jérôme Giacomoni and Matthieu Gobbi, both passionate about balloons who always wanted to share their passion with others. After twenty years, they are both, manufacturers with more than 60 balloons sold in more than 30 countries and operators of 8 sites in France and in the US, fl ying 500 000 passengers per year.


POST4 ballon du roi vole 2

- The Little blond boy coming from the asteroid B612, a little angry with his rose, whose story has sold more than 150 million copies worldwide! The Little Prince is the most (nonreligious) translated book in the world, in 275 languages. The author, Antoine de St Exupéry, who died for France – 70 years ago next July 2014 – is both a legendary pilot, hero of the Aeropostale (patented in Alsace in 1921 !) and a world-famous writer.

- And a beautiful site, in Ungersheim, about twenty kilometers from Mulhouse and Colmar, at the foot of the Vosges balloons. The location of the future park is where fell, in November 7th 1492, the fi rst preserved and studied meteorite in the world called the meteorite of Ensisheim. 500 years later, the Little Prince Park will be installed on this same site, the amazing design of which reminds us of the impact of this meteorite and the planet B612 and its satellites.



The first aerial Park in the world !

Visitors will be invited to travel to the other planets of the Little Prince, aboard three “planet balloons”:

Using the principle of the lighter than air, passengers will travel up to 150 meters above the ground and will discover a unique view of the most beautiful scenery of Europe: to the West the Vosges, to the East the Black Forest and in the north-south axis, the plain of Alsace. In close proximity, the emblematic figure of the region, the Ecomusée and the former potash mine of Carreau Rodolphe, and nearby, Germany and Switzerland!

The third planet is more a gigantic aerial platform. Feet in the sky dangling up to 35 meters off the ground,  enjoying the beauty of an
exceptional 360° view, a glass in the hand : the planet of the Drinker is combining emotions and conviviality.


travaux ballons


A poetic, fun and educational project, the Little Prince Park is a unique “French” concept in the world. It features more than thirty “experiences”.


The adventure of the Little Prince, a 3D movie where he travels from planet to planet; questions regarding astronomy, a big quiz for children and adults, developed with the scientific support of Jean-Baptiste Renard, director of research on global environment at the CNRS.


The Wings of Courage, the great story of the Aeropostale retracing the tale of Guillaumet in the Andes; Night Flight, a journey full of sensations simulating the epic conditions of the pilot without visibility, and Southern Mail, where the young aeronauts carry the mail to the right continent.


The Dew of the Desert to refresh young and old, the Labyrinth of the Fountain that will showcase the 53 minutes of the Little Prince or Travel under the Sea, a journey by sea scooter to discover the fauna of the depth of the Mediterranean.


The Butterfl y Farm, first breeding farm of indigenous Lepidoptera open to the public, Draw me a Sheep and the Rose Garden. Two unique and original shows Dancing with the Sheep and Encounter with the Foxes, in which actors are big fl uffy balls with long ears or covered with wool.


And many more surprises !

moutons 2  olympe

chaises volantes  20 planètes





More info to plan your visit on the park website

Get your tickets !

panneau parc