Rafael, draw me a Little Prince !

A good many artists have paid and continue to pay homage to the Little Prince. Rafael Valle Barradas, a young Brazilian aged 29, has already produced several drawings of the Little Prince.

Rafael lives in Pernambuco, one of the north-eastern states of Brazil. He is a busy young man who designs video games for a living as well as producing illustrations and animations for television. Like so many « grown-ups », Rafael read « The Little Prince » when he was a child. He read the book again recently, and soon a number of new drawings, inspired by Saint-Exupéry’s character, were added to his blog.

Drawings that speak to us all
The artist had fun representing the Little Prince in his own style, both childish and modern. The drawing entitled « The little Little Prince » shows a baby playing happily with a rose, despite the thorns we can see, with all the candour of an innocent love.  The baby’s parents, an aviator and a mother full of concern for her child, are trying to make him understand that the thorns prick. Love can hurt… Each drawing is highly expressive, refers us back to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s text and sheds a new light on it, full of emotions and memories.
Ask Rafael what he thinks of the author’s drawings, and he will tell you he finds them perfect, superbly attuned to the book. His approach is that of an hommage by one artist to another. Rafael, who works in the world of IT, has yet to come up with a detailed project involving the Little Prince, but he already has a few ideas.

The book and the artist
In the mean time, the illustrator offers drawings and desktop wallpapers on his own blog. In his eyes, Saint-Exupéry’s tale moves the reader at the same time as teaching a lesson. It touches us through the purity of the Little Prince’s feelings for his rose. The success of « The Little Prince » will never fade, he believes, because « readers feel good because of the messages in the book ».  He hopes future generations will always find in Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s tale « something to help them grow up the right way ». At 29, Rafael refuses to become a « grown-up » like the ones that feature in the book. Having discovered the comic strip adaptation recently published in Brazil, the inner child that still inhabits him secretly hopes to see the emergence of a video game dedicated to the Little Prince.

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