Toute l'actualité du petit prince

The Little Prince Park opens tomorrow !

Pack your things and come to see us tomorrow in the Little Prince Park !


More info to plan your visit here : the park website.

Get tickets !

We are waiting for you 😉


How did we inflate the Little Prince Park balloons ?

The answer in the video below !

The Little Prince Park is getting ready !

The Little Prince Park’s balloons are now up in the sky !

In less than two weeks, you will be able to fly with them at 150 meters high !

For now, we gathered you some pictures of their setting up.



ballonduroi7 ballonduroi6

ballonduroi5 ballonduroi4





And here’s the king balloon taking off!


But really, how do you inflate a balloon? The explanation in a video !

More infos on the Little Prince Park website

All the little foxes have arrived in the Little Prince park

3 little brothers just joined Olympe in the Little Prince Park! Bilu, Max and Django have integrated their new home.

les trois frères, Bilu, Max et Django...

The foxes park has been finalized and is now occupied by its young boarders.

renardière 1

renardière 2

Come to the Little Prince Park this summer to see them in their new show !


An animated map of the Little Prince Park

The Little Prince Park welcomes its first little fox !

The Little Prince Park welcomes its first little fox !

Olympe is a little vixen, only a few weeks old. She will grow in the park, along with other little foxes. Come see her this summer, at the opening of the Park!

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

In her trainer’s arms, she is already tamed …

Olympe discovers her park !

More about the park here and here