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Contest: The New Adventures of the Little Prince in partnership with Edel

One more contest !



From May 2, Edel will offer surprise gifts to the winning participants, once a month, until August !

To participate, you only have to send an e-mail with the object « Der Kleine Prinz » to Edel :

Send us pictures of your gifts on the Little Prince Facebook page !

Edel is a German company which produces the CD albums from the series. See the products here.


A meeting with Antoine Gallimard

Many of the friends of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry were invited to the launch of the project of a home for the Little Prince at the chateau of Saint-Maurice de Rémens. We took advantage of the occasion to record several interviews, to talk about the plans for the chateau but also, and especially, about Antoine. Read more…

The planet of the Amicopes

When the Little Prince arrives on the planet, he finds the streets in the grip of a reign of terror. No sooner does one of the inhabitants begin to speak in public than patrols of flying ears emerge to listen to whatever is said and report it to the disturbing figure of Sahara. Read more…

Successful launch for the series in Spain

In Spanish, the Little Prince is El Principito. Following on from France and Germany, the Little Prince TV series launched in Spain on Sunday 16 October, when Spain’s little princes and princesses met the Little Prince on the Planet of Time. Read more…

Meet the Globus!

Sunsets are not the only times the Little Prince loves. Once night has fallen, he enjoys gazing at the starry sky and listening to the sounds of the night. But when he closes his eyes, all kinds of strange creatures appear! Read more…

The online store takes on the colours of the series

Children used to play at cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians. Now, in 2011, they can play at being the Little Prince. After the figurines based on the Planet of Time, here is a new range of toys and articles based on the Little Prince series.

The fox is the Little Prince’s constant companion, and a symbol in his own right: a symbol of friendship. Our little princes and princesses can now carry their own cuddly toy fox with them on their adventures.

Thanks to the series, the Little Prince has become the hero of new adventures. Now children can actually dress up as the Little Prince and brandish the famous sword he uses to bring wonderful characters to life.

And once the adventures are over for the day, they can put away their toys in a superb toy-chest in their hero’s colours and sit comfortably in the magnificent Little Prince wooden armchair as they read Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s book.

See more articles in the Little Prince online store.

The Little Prince in the “society” pages of L’Express

The appearance of the Little Prince on TV channel France 3 caught the attention of L’Express magazine, which, in addition to offering a free DVD of the series, devoted an entire article to the Little Prince including interviews with a number of well-known figures. Read more…

Webisode 12: the Little Prince comic album

If you are the proud owner of one of the two Little Prince albums, you may be wondering who is actually behind the delicate task of adaptation. Read more…

The Little Prince as seen by Tebo

Following on from Moebius, the next author to focus on the Little Prince is that master of the comic book and comedy, Tebo, author of Captain Biceps, a comic book that has already had thousands of children in stitches. Read more…

The Little Prince needs your help !

As part of a planned Le Petit Prince magazine, the Milan Group, which specialises in publishing children’s magazines, would like to hear what children have to say about the world of the Little Prince and his new adventures. Have you seen the Planet of the Firebird and, if so, what did you think? Read more…