Telling the tale of the Little Prince

The Little Prince has become a stage play, an opera, a dance, a musical comedy, songs and all kinds of adaptations for the screen, big and small. And now it is a story for us to listen to.

Véronique Deroide, who comes from the Pas-de-Calais, has been a story-teller since the age of 14. She first encountered the Little Prince in the early years of secondary school: selected to represent her class in an elocution competition, she was called on to recite an excerpt from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s tale. It was the part where the Little Prince chides the aviator for saying that a rose’s thorns are quite useless. This was only the beginning of the story. Véronique Deroide met up with the Little Prince again on her wedding day: her friends chose the lessons taught by the fox as the ideal reading for the occasion.

Véronique’s adaptation

It took a meeting with story-teller Bruno de la Salle for Véronique to decide to tell the story of the Little Prince on stage, however. She needed nothing but her voice. She simply spoke. She told the story from start to finish.  It is magical, and it perfectly captures the spirit of the times: « Our era is too materialistic. That fills us with a sense of something lacking, and a sense of insecurity that we try to escape from by consuming things… a consumerist, consumer society! » For Véronique, The Little Prince does the opposite; it gives us confidence, frees us from our fears and allows us to reach out to others… or even to ourselves. Véronique Deroide commands the attention of her audience, seeking to touch them with the words of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry that, thanks to her, become palpable.

« The Little Prince speaks directly to man about his own humanity »

Remembering what is essential and establishing ties

Véronique is alone on asteroid B612 or in the Sahara. But she still has her voice. She talks and talks, telling the tale. Storytelling is a gift, the knack of captivating the audience with no artifice… All it takes is some music, a veil. Just like Saint-Exupéry in his day, the storyteller expresses her concerns about the age we live in. An age when thousands of books advocating « greater wellbeing » fail to get through to us. The Little Prince is a simple book that enables us to act, and that also helps us to cope with the ills that assail us from all sides.

When asked to explain the universal appeal of the tale, Véronique makes do with a simple phrase: « The Little Prince speaks directly to man about his own humanity. »

« Tales » are often seen as the preserve of children, but this time Véronique would like to address « grown-ups » too. As in the fireside evenings of the past, her aim is to bring families together and create ties between them through the magic of her show.

Véronique Deroide’s stage show invites us to awaken the eternal child within, in the hope of encouraging us to abandon our desire to « own the stars » and instead seek to attend to the needs of a rose.

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