To each his planet: new friends for the little prince

Julien and Laure wanted a honeymoon unlike any other. A copy of The Little Prince in their luggage, they set off to meet children all over the world and ask each child to show them his or her « very own planet ».

Laure Goy and Julien Castigue love to travel. Their sailing boat had already taken them to shores of Iceland, Norway and Costa Rica. Their ultimate dream, however, was a round the world trip. A long journey motivated by the desire to do something for others and give something to others. When Laure introduced The Little Prince to her pupils at the Morcenx special school in the Landes region of France, one of the children was keen to draw his own planet. This was the idea that they were looking for.

The Little Prince, to tame one another and create things together
Laure and Julien’s project involves bringing together groups of children to tell them the story of The Little Prince, with Laure taking the role of The Little Prince and Julien playing all the other characters. At the same time, they show their young audience the author’s drawings. When it comes to the part where The Little Prince flies away to other planets, Laure asks each of the children to imagine and describe their very own planet, one where they would like to live, where they would be The Little Prince. Each child is given a sheet of paper with a circle on it, representing the planet that is to be their very own, as each of them imagines it. It’s not always easy: some children hesitate, fearing to be too clumsy, while others go too fast, driven by too many images they want to put into the drawing. Laure and Julien are on hand to help each child complete his drawing. Then, in a spirit of sharing and friendship, each child shows the others around his planet. The show then continues but, at the end, the children are asked to put their heads together and imagine a planet to be offered to the children of another country.

Creating ties around  the world
Laure and Julien’s long journey in company with The Little Prince began on 15 September 2008. Some of the stopping-off points envisaged are Russia, Vietnam, India, Nepal and Bolivia. No fewer than 15 countries where Laure and Julien plan on meeting groups of children to introduce them to The Little Prince and ask them to draw their own planet. From country to country and from planet to planet, two « grown-ups » travelling like Saint-Exupéry’s hero and helping children to learn about other children they do not know and follow the fox’s advice: « If you want a friend, tame me! » And their project does not end there. With the help of a questionnaire, they hope to record the accounts of elderly people to help form ties across borders. Once again, The Little Prince demonstrates his ability to bring together people from all over the world, bringing them a message of friendship, hope and generosity, united by Saint-Exupéry’s humanist ideas.

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