Comic albums

In 2008, Joann Sfar took on the challenge of adapting The Little Prince as a graphic novel. Now, in 2011, in addition to starring in new adventures in an animated TV series on France 3, the Little Prince is again enjoying a new lease of life on paper through the comic albums retracing his latest travels from planet to planet.

While the animated series offers new adventures for the Little Prince and his fox on TV, publishers Glénat have come with a splendid continuation in the form of a series of comic albums. Behind the project is Didier Poli (formerly of Disney Studios), Jean-Baptiste Hostache and Guillaume Dorisson, with Didier Convard as editorial adviser.

Starting this September, we will all be able to enjoy the Little Prince’s latest adventures in comic album form. Just like the Little Prince himself, you will be able to feast your eyes on the wonderful worlds he visits, and linger to admire. Album fans, it’s time to make space on your bookshelves: 24 albums (one for each planet) are already in the pipeline!
One of the distinctive features of these albums is that they often tell you more about certain episodes of the story in the form of flashbacks or additional dialogue between the main characters.

As an added bonus, each album ends with a special feature by a leading comic album artist: Moebius and Juillard, no less, are the guest artists for Volumes 1 and 2.