Heroes and villains

The Little Prince
The Little Prince is back. Tireless traveller and seasoned adventurer, he crosses the galaxy from planet to planet, in company with his friend the Fox, endlessly discovering new worlds and meeting new characters.  But the Snake with his Black Ideas is always one step ahead, sowing evil and terror amongst the planets. The Little Prince and the Fox will need all their inventiveness to confound the Snake’s wicked designs, relying on their imagination to put things right. To confront the dangers, the Little Prince uses his magic notebook, which has the power to bring to life the drawings inside it. When the going gets too tough, the Little Prince changes costume and becomes a real prince! He draws his sword, which acts as a magic paintbrush, bringing the Little Prince’s ideas to life.

Just as in Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s tale, the Little Prince has the power to speak to animals and plants, and the clear vision of the heart so characteristic of the original. These powers will be of great use to him in his new adventures.

The Fox
The fox is the Little Prince’s travelling companion. He is the comedy interest in the series.  With his fondness for teasing and gentle mockery, the fox has a strong personality. Even so, the fluffy creature is devoted to the Little Prince, whom he accompanies on all his new adventures. Bold and intrepid, the Little Prince’s friend is an invaluable ally on these new journeys that will take them to the four corners of the galaxy.

The Rose
While the Little Prince travels through space to help the inhabitants of other planets, the rose stays behind waiting for him, back on the tiny asteroid B612. Beneath her glass dome, she waits impatiently for news of her Little Prince. At the beginning of each episode, the rose receives a letter sent to her by the Little Prince, in which he relates his latest adventure and tells her of the lessons he has learned from it. Each episode begins and ends with her. Actress Marie Gillain lends her voice to the Little Prince’s flower.

The Snake
He is the villain of the series!  Like the Little Prince, the Snake travels from planet to planet, but his task is to trouble the spirits of the inhabitants of the planets he visits and overturn the smooth order of things. He is a devious, manipulative creature who whispers dark thoughts into the ears of those who doubt. He is the very incarnation of evil and source of all the problems in the galaxy. But why is he so wicked?

Actor Guillaume Gallienne voices the character of the Snake, a role tailor-made for an actor who has imitated so many well-known figures in his famous Bonus sketches.