The origins

« Do not leave me grieving; write to me quickly to tell me that he has come back… »

At the end of the book, as we all know, the Little Prince returned to his planet to be with his rose. Now the Little Prince is setting out for new adventures. Before we tell you more, let’s look at how this animated series came into existence.

The original.

The origins
It took until the first decade of the new millennium for the project to emerge. Olivier d’Agay, Director of the Saint-Exupéry Estate, was keen to bring the Little Prince to the children of the 21st century. Out of that wish came a meeting with Aton Soumache, President of Method Animation, the studio behind animation successes such as the Iron Man series, Skyland and, above all, the film Renaissance. Method’s knowhow would be put to the test of transforming the messages and values of the Little Prince into an animated television series.

The initial issues to be resolved were daunting: how to transcribe the Little Prince in graphic terms without betraying Saint-Exupéry’s original illustrations… and what story to tell children without betraying the tale itself.

Of the various screen adaptations of the Little Prince, the one we remember perhaps best of all is Stanley Donen’s musical comedy. Walt Disney and Orson Wells were also interested, but the two men never actually succeeded in working together.

First sketch.

A creative challenge
Authors Alexandre de la Patellière and Matthieu Delaporte started from a simple premise: in the story, Saint-Exupéry tells us about the Little Prince through “his memories”, and his representation of the character is a series of rather dissimilar drawings. Saint-Exupéry’s personal vision inspired the two Method studio authors with an idea: recounting the tale of the Little Prince’s adventures after he departed from Earth. This would enable them to stay true to the values described in the book, and to depict a Little Prince both close to and yet different from Saint-Exupéry’s watercolours. After three years of work, the Little Prince series took to the air on France 3.

In a series of 52 episodes, each lasting 26 minutes, the Little Prince will visit planets where the snake has been stirring up trouble. Accompanied by his friend the fox, the Little Prince will be called upon to investigate the problem and help the planet’s inhabitants find a solution.
Although visually so different from the original, this Little Prince is still the young boy who has the power to talk to animals and flowers, forever travelling and forever reaching out to others.




The final concept.