The values of an animated serie

The Little Prince animated series develops the characters introduced in Saint-Exupéry’s tale. The arrival of new Little Prince adventures is a fresh opportunity to pass on the messages of a book that is read and loved all over the world.

The project was initiated by the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Estate, keen to introduce “the children of 2000” to the Little Prince and his universe of planets waiting to be explored.

Who is the Little Prince of the series?
He is, quite simply, the selfsame Little Prince we saw return to asteroid B612, to be with his rose. The children of today all need a friend like the Little Prince. Here is a little boy who has learned to “see with the heart”, who talks to flowers and animals. He uses his imagination to draw objects or magical creatures and bring them to life. He is a very positive hero and role model, embodying values such as pacifism and humanism. He gives hope to all those he meets.

Why is he the ideal friend for children?
Because he is the friend, or even the big brother, everyone dreams of: a friend who is patient, tolerant and always ready to listen. Episode after episode, he never fails to reach out to those in trouble, who have often been led astray by the evil words of the snake. Whatever happens, the Little Prince is a true friend we can always count on.

“Travel broadens young minds”
Each of the 24 planets the Little Prince visits is a world in its own right. The screen representation of each planet, sometimes dominated by an element or a theme, is filled with poetry and yet seems to have sprung straight from a child’s imagination. Like the Little Prince himself, children cannot but gaze in wonder at these marvellous worlds.


Just like humankind here on Earth, the people the Little Prince meets have their own distinctive appearance and customs. The series sings the praises of diversity and mixity, which the Little Prince defends in every episode.The most important fact, however, is that each planet holds an important message aimed at the children accompanying the Little Prince on his travels: the importance of friendship, of family bonds, of tolerance, of fighting selfishness and fear of others, or the importance of changing the way we live and consume in order to save the planet.These are challenges and values rooted in the problems of this world, where the children of today will be the adults and actors of tomorrow.

The supporting characters
The Little Prince and his fox: two are stronger than one!
The Little Prince and the fox prove the value of friendship in every episode. Together, they demonstrate to children the value of friendship and complementary qualities. Just like any friends do, the Little Prince and the fox sometimes have their disagreements, but they always make friends again afterwards.

The Little Prince and his rose: indissoluble ties
Despite being so far from asteroid B612, the Little Prince is always writing to his rose to tell her about his travels and all that he has learned. He loves her more than anything and dreams of returning to her side. The affections and attachments that bind us are themes central to the animated series.

The Little Prince and the snake: opposites in every way
The snake is the complete opposite of the Little Prince, a malevolent and manipulative creature. His two strongest weapons are the evil words he whispers into adult ears and his black thoughts: creatures of evil that pursue the Little Prince and strike fear into the inhabitants of the planets.
When confronting the snake, the Little Prince never rises to his provocation but relies on his greatest resources: his empathy and his desire to restore harmony to the planet he is visiting.

More than a tribute: a bridge to the original book

The links to the book are many: for his journey around the universe, the Little Prince uses the same airplane as the pilot in the book. The correspondence between the Little Prince and his rose is a reference to the love letters Saint-Exupéry used to exchange with his wife Consuelo when he was away on his travels. The author frequently began his letters to his wife with the words “My rose”.Just as he does in the book, the Little Prince lingers to contemplate the worlds he discovers. And it is what he learns from the fox (“It is only with one’s heart that one can see clearly. What is essential is invisible to the eye”) that enables the Little Prince to move forward in his adventures.

The Little Prince has returned to carry children away on journeys worthy of the greatest fairy tales. The Little Prince series introduces children to a Little Prince they can identify with.