The webisodes, what is it ? Discover the webisodes with this trailer :

Webisode #12 : Meeting around the comic of the Little Prince with Didier Poli – artistic director, Guillaume Dorisson – screenwriter and Diane Fayolle – designer.

Webisode #10  et #11 : Meet Alexandre de la Patellière et Matthieu Delaporte – authors of the series.

Webisode #9 : Discovery of the dubbing of the series.

Webisode #8 : Meet Marie Gillain, the voice of the rose.

Webisode #7 : Meet Julien Borde – director of the Youth Unit of France Televisions.

Webisode #6 : Meet Hedwige Pasquet – director of Gallimard Jeunesse.

Webisode #5 : Meet Cédric Pilot – executive producer of the animated series The Little Prince.

Webisode #4 : Meet Olivier d’Agay – Director of Antoine de Saint-Exupery Estate and Aton Soumache – Chief executive and producer of the series The Little Prince.

Webisode #3 : Meet Gabriel Vilatte – Art director of the animated series of the Little Prince.

Webisode #2 : Meet Pierre-Alain Chartier – director of the series.

Webisode #1 : Meet François d’Agay – Chief executiv of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Estate.