« … I make you my ambassador! »

Hero of a story with a universal message, The Little Prince is now a legendary character, the symbol of a humanity that is responsible and generous, bringing a message of hope and fraternity, emblem of a spirituality that seeks out the essence of things, that which lasts, that which gives meaning. It comes as no surprise, then, that various institutions and organisations should use his image, the better to define their goals and their mission.
The Fondation Réunica used the image of the little prince in a recent advertising campaign.
In a series of visuals, a Little Prince wearing the foundation’s colours sweeps out a smoking volcano to encourage us to use alternative medicines to help stop smoking.

Energy services group Veolia uses The Little Prince to remind us how important environmental protection is for the planet that we have « tamed », which also  means that we are « responsible for it forever ».

In a TV commercial, electronics giant Toshiba brings the Saint-Exupéry character to life to suggest that Toshiba devices pass on a vital message: The Little Prince in the Toshiba ad takes care of his rose alongside a child who, following his example, plants a flower of his own, so making our planet more beautiful and a better place to live for those who love nature and protect the environment.