The Little Prince Graphic Novel

Summer 2007 : A new Little Prince lands in the cultural newsweek Telerama. It’s Joann Sfar’s Little Prince.

The story begins with a meeting between the Saint Exupéry Estate, Gallimard Publishing and Artist Joann Sfar in 2005. The Rabbi’s Cat author is on board for the first original graphic Novel adaptation to the Little Prince. As many people, Joann Sfar has an history with The Little Prince. He’s 3 when he loses his mother. Two years later, his grand-father offers him the audio version to The Little Prince. It helps him understand what the loss of a loves one is.

Prepublished in Telerama over the summer, the Graphic Novel hit shelves on September 15th 2007. The text by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is here, unchanged, and Joann Sfar’s magic pencil give a new dimension to the masterpiece, adding humor here and then, giving life to our beloved hero. Joann Sfar has offered us a new look at a book we all read, a news faithful vision, where we share and cry along with this beautiful Little Prince.

The Graphic Novel is a huge success in France with over 100,000 copies sold. 23 countries have optioned the rights so far, including England, China, Brazil and many more.

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