TV and Movies

On the big and small screen

Cinema and television have naturally kept pace with the public’s enthusiasm. The first full-length feature film dates from 1967, and was directed by Lithuania’s Arünas Zebriünas.

In 1974, Paramount chose Stanley Donen (famous for the musical Singin’ in the Rain) to direct The Little Prince. He turned it into a musical comedy that won an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe for best musical score.

In 1978, Japanese television screened 39 episodes of a cartoon loosely based on The Little Prince and a year later Will Vinton produced a short film (28 minutes) in claymation (animation based on plasticine figures). In 1990, on TV channel Antenne 2, Richard Bohringer gave a reading of the story in the middle of the desert (with voice-off by Florence Caillon).